Had a bad H day...

  1. Okay, so today was my long-awaited appointment to pick up my step 1 handbag (in my 3 step H handbag plan). An SA found a GORGEOUS, heart-stopping Rouge H clemence Massai GM. Amazing bag, perfect, pre-price increase price tag, all stars in alignment to take this baby home today, this morning, ASAP, etc. I put the bag on my shoulder and the back of elongated upper part where the buckle is attached hits and rubs on the prominent part of my shoulder bone (scapula). Within 2 minutes I'm in pain, and there's nothing even in the bag yet. I was crushed and completely shocked. :crybaby: I really thought I'd be leaving the store with my new rouge H bag.

    I stiffen my quivering lower lip and decide that I'll skip step 1 and move directly to step 2, a mou Bolide. They didn't have any 37 cm, so I tried a 31 cm, just for scale. Way too small, and even worse, instead of looking like a goddess of style, born to carry an elegant bag, I looked more like I'd done a fast runner with someone else's stuff. The SA offered to look for other bags, but I usually don't do that unless I'm at least 95% certain I'm walking out with that bag.

    I'm so bummed. I don't know if the bag looked awful, or if I was just so shocked and disappointed that I couldn't really assess the visual appropriately.

    Man, I'm so bummed. :sad:
  2. GGA.....I know how you feel.....I'm so sorry. Sometimes this happens with certain styles. We think we know exactly what we want then to find out the style just doesn't work for us. It's ok. This means there is another style just for you.

    This is exactly what happened with me and the Evelyne. Once I tried that baby on, I felt that I looked like an ageing college student! It just wasn't for me and everyone LOVES that bag! And I was convinced I did too.....

    The Bolide is a beautiful bag and I think you can pull it off.....it's possible you might need a different leather than Clemence. How about Chamonix, Box, Chevre even Epson?

    I think you should plan a day to just try on different bags. This way you narrow down your choices and CAN ask the SA to do a search for you. And you never know....you just COULD walk out with the bag of your dreams!!!!
  3. ita gga do not hesitate to have the SA show you everything in the store. at this point, you are serious about making a purchase but need to explore the bags. time on tpf is great for info, but not first-hand experience. and from where i am sitting, by deciding that the massai is not for you, you just saved yourself thousands of dollars. instead of 3 h bags, you'll get 2. though many posteres will tell you it won't be too hard to find a new #3. lol
    definitely explore the bolide in different leathers. and you haven't tried a 37 yet.
  4. gga, you write beautifully ... I likey ...

    Sorry that you're feeling you've been thrown off course. I know that feeling very well because it has happened to me before. I set my mind and goal on getting something, visualised its whole purpose but when I have it in reality, it does not match up, and the disappointment is not in the letting go part. The disappointment is the anticlimax after having it all hyped up in my brain.

    Try out different bags with an open mind, and when you see one and your heart flutters, you know you've got it!
  5. aaaaw, just take ur time trying out all the bags in diff colors and sizes. that perfect H bag is out there for u.
  6. So many people buy bags and have regret...you are fortunate that you are not another statistic. I agree that you need one day to just go in and touch many bags and be relaxed about the visit. This was a rough visit for you...there was no way you were going to find a perfect bag on this visit. Give it time, some effort, do research and soon your bag will be found.
  7. Maybe You were just having an off day. Or maybe you need more time to perfect your plan. At least you were able to try these things in person before making a mistake!
  8. I am sorry to hear that this happened, gga. The ladies here are right. Take your time to try out other bags. Totally understand why you feel upset. It's like you're all prepared to buy that product and didn't expect to come home without it. Don't worry, you still have a 37 bolide waiting for you to try.
  9. Awww, sorry it was a bunner H day, gga. But, isn't it great that you already know your own H style! The right bag is just around the corner, I can tell.
  10. Poor gga. :sad:
    I know how badly you wanted to walk out with a bag. I'd try the 37 Bolide and maybe another in the rigide style to compare?
    I hope you find your dream bag!
  11. So so sorry to hear that your "step 1" bag was not for you. It's fortunate that you found out in the store before taking it home. The right H bag is out there; it may have handles that cannot be worn on the shoulder! It's always disappointing when what we thought was going to be ours is not but H makes lots of other gorgeous bags so go after one of those.
  12. :crybaby: Poor gga. I know you must be feeling really let down right now. But I gotta agree with the other wise ladies. It's much better this happened now than later on after you've parted with your hard-earned for a bag you never wear. Think of it as a process of elimination to the perfect bag!
  13. You're right, all of you. Thanks for the words of wisdom. :flowers:

    I'm going to apply chocolate liberally, sleep on it, and awaken with my naturally sunny disposition restored.

    Then I'll go try on more handbags.

  14. man, that sucks......
  15. you know, the Massai comes with two different length straps...did you try both?