Had a bad dream - Miu Miu and Prada Tags fell off!

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  1. Yesterday,

    I slept very late after getting all hyped up on my purchases from the Saks sale. I know that this sounds really silly but I had a terrible nightmare about my purses!

    When DH asked if I slept well, I didn't dare to tell him about my dream for fears of him scolding me (vain shallow obsessing over purses). But I know that the ladies and gentlemen of this forum will sympathize with me.

    In my dreams, somebody came to my place and removed ALL the Miu Miu and Prada logos from my purses! I'm referring to the raised gold metal logos on the purses and my wallets! :confused1:

    I was so freaked out that I rushed to check my purses in the middle of the night. Of course, they were safe.

    I wanted to hug one of my purses to sleep so I chose the coffer (she's smooshy). :s

    :Push: I hope this never happens IRL to any of you!
  2. It happens only when it's fake..I read in one of the threads that it happened to someone's brand-new and authentic bow-satchel,though.... you never know.. my suggestion is that you dont eat too spicy before you go to sleep.. :yahoo: lol...
  3. ... I can just imagine you racing to your closet and breathing a sigh of relief. Just be thankful you're not that tPFer whose bow's tags came off... and listen to wildberry... no more spicy food! :roflmfao: