Had a bad day with my VP's

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  1. I wore my VP's today and they were hell on my feet. :sad: This is my 2nd time wearing them. I added heel inserts because I could barely walk in them due to the fact they kept coming off my feet. Adding the heel inserts worked great, but now the toe area is really tight. It's like damned if I do and damned if I don't. It's tight to the point where I can barely feel my toes when I have them on. It's like all blood flow stopped going to my toes. I don't know what else to do. I really like them since they are the very hard to find black VP's with the burgundy tip. It's looking like I may have to sell them. Any suggestions?
  2. Try some thinner heel inserts, maybe? Like moleskin, or even foam-rubber Band-Aids.
  3. Have you tried heel liners? That should take care of foot slipping out of the shoe problem. Use the clothed/leather ones instead of gels. Gel liners are usually too thin for this purpose.

    I find that shoe inserts rarely work for dressy shoes, for the same problem (toe box becomes too tight) you stated.
  4. I love moleskin - it's a lifesaver! I'm with KillerTofu. Try putting a thinner heel insert, such as moleskin or even a foam rubber Band-Aid in there. Something super thin that will provide just enough extra padding for your foot to stay in.
  5. Within those two days I have tried foot petals heel liners, dr scholls gel heel liners, walgreens brand, and Air plus gel heel liners.

    The thinnest of the ones I tried was the Walgreens brand, but my feet was still coming out. Where do you get moleskin?
  6. I hear great things about moleskin. I want to try it too.
  7. Any drugstore should have moleskin. Try Walgreen's or CVS.
  8. This is the Walgreens brand I tried.
    Heel liner.jpg
  9. I tried the Walgreens too. They feel like little breast implants don't they?
  10. You can find Dr. Scholl's moleskin at any drugstore. It has an adhesive backing and is very soft, almost felt-like, on one side. Just cut a piece in the size you need and apply it to the back of the shoe. Works very well! :nuts: I use it inside certain shoes, in places that usually give me sore spots or possible blisters.
  11. I suppose you can get them stretched or something so they don't hurt your feet when you have inserts in it.
  12. :yahoo:I just found a pair of heel liners that I got free from a store. I have no clue when I got them and from which store. I will give them a test drive tomorrow, and hope they work.
  13. Thanks Emily. If the heel stuff I put on tonight doesn't work, I will definitely get the dr scholls tomorrow.
  14. Good luck Gemruby!