Hacked off!

  1. Okay...really really having a bad week! After losing the green soufflot..(someone bought before I had a chance)..I bought a Toledo Blue speedy...then that seller refunded my money stating they had to leave town and couldn't ship the bag? Also was watching a framboise reade pm not more than 2 minutes of having it looked at ...that was bought..... What the H...? What is going on out there? There should be some rules about not completing a legit transation.:cursing: The only real completed was the Blue speedy..so the others I was working on ..really really frustrated.....so now I purchased a blue noe....hopefully this works out...:sad: Keep your fingers crossed:wtf:

    eBay: 100% AUTH LOUIS VUITTON EPI PETITE NOE BLUE (item 160038743974 end time Oct-11-06 14:29:51 PDT)
  2. I'm sorry!!!!! But that noe you picked up is gorgeous, just look at that color! Maybe this bag was just meant to be for you :angel:
  3. what a wacky eBay week you're having! Hope it works out - the blue noe is one good looking bag! :flowers:
  4. Thanks so much!:flowers: make me feel better...:shame:
  5. Well, if it's meant to be yours, it's meant to be. If it's not, then you have more money for another LV! :P
  6. Sorry about your rough week on Ebay! Hope this one works out for you! It's so cute and love the color!
  7. awww. This deal will go through and you will have a lovely bag....sorry about your bad week....Hugs.
  8. The noe is so beautiful! Congrats. I have to agree, perhaps the other bags weren't meant to be and this is the one you were intended to have. :yes:
  9. I know what you mean about eBay! Recently I've been sniped at the last minute more times than I care to count. But I have to think it wasn't meant to be! Sounds like the Blue Speedy seller wasn't legit...at least you got your money refunded! Check out this Winnipeg Sand Lena Epi Clutch: auction #120040811996. What a classy, unique piece! I would have nowhere to wear something like that...live in the boondocks of northern MN!:search: Happy eBay hunting! Deer season is coming soon here! Ha! Ha!
  10. wow the noe is a great deal
  11. Awww, about a month ago I had a screwy ebay week too! Everything was just from my grasp ... the noe looks gorgeous though!
  12. The other bags weren't meant to be. I think the Noe looks great. Congrats!
  13. I've been there ghost......it always works out in the end....you end up finding something better or get a better price!
  14. Thanks my friends....many hugs to all!:flowers: You guys are right...if it's meant to be it is....:yes: if not...then good for me for not spending the Moolah:graucho: Keep your eyes peeled..:ninja:my list has changed again....;)

    1. Green soufflot, jasmin, or speedy
    2. Yellow soufflot, jasmin, or speedy
    3. Framboise/Fuschia Houston.... of course they must be a good deal...:devil:
  15. the noe looks wonderful!