HACHI - The Most Loyal Dog

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    I saw a preview for this movie and couldn't stop crying! :crybaby: OMGosh! What a lovely and inspiring story!

    For those who haven't had the honor of hearing about this True story ... (((warning: movie spoiler)))

    It's about a professor who befriends an Akita puppy and they form this intense love bond like no other. As Hachi (Akita) grows he meets his owner (Professor) at the train station everyday after work. A year later, the Professor has a stroke and later dies, while Hachi is still waiting for him.

    The professor's wife ends up giving Hachi away to relatives. Hachi can't stand not seeing his beloved master and escapes his new home. He ends up going to the train station everyday (through rain, sleet and snow!) for 10 years waiting for his master to walk off that train to greet him... :sad: He's always there waiting for that one day he'll be able to see his master again not knowing that he died.

    UGH!!! This just tugged at every heart string! I can't believe I'm doing the Ugly Cry for this story... The Love is so strong and unconditional!! SIGH....

    I know there's another fantastic True story about a smaller dog in Europe living on his master's grave until he died. He wouldn't move off his master's grave for anything... :sad: There goes my heart string pulling... Sigh... :crybaby:

    I'm just so appreciative that the countries that had the honor of having these dogs paid tribute to their story by erecting up bronze statues of these pups!

    In fact in Japan, when Hachi died they buried his bones with his master and had his remains taxidermied at a museum for all to see and remember. He's revered as an example of fierce Loyalty and honor in Japan!! :biggrin:

    Yay, Hachi!! :biggrin: I'm happy that Hachi is now with his master!! :biggrin:

    What an incredible story!! Thanks for letting me share this with you!! :biggrin:
  2. ^^ wow, what a beautiful story :crybaby:
  3. I can't watch that clip and will not be able to see a movie about that poor puppy. UGH too painful. I am such a crybaby. :crybaby:
  4. Umm, I think I've got something in my eye. *sniff*
  5. that is a sad but heartwarming story at the same time. I'd love to see the movie. thanks for sharing

  6. I am with you. Part of me wants to watch but I know I will be sad and upset for days.
  7. I remember reading about that somewhere a while back - how sweet that they are making a movie about it!! the thing about the dog laying on his/her owner's graver is so devastatingly sad. Dogs are so wonderfully loyal and emotional!
  8. Aw, Hachiko :biggrin: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hachik%C5%8D
    His statue is outside Shibuya station, at the spot where he waited and is a popular place for people to meet. The big pedestrian crossing outside the station is known as Hachiko Crossing.


    The other story the OP referred to is probably Greyfriars Bobby from Edinburgh, Scotland ... http://www.greyfriarsbobby.co.uk/

    ETA - aw, look at my little pup looking at Hachiko!
  9. Ive heard of this story before. It's so heartwarming, but sad. :crybaby: Poor Hachi! The bond and loyalty that dogs form with their owners....there's nothing like it. Dogs are the best. :love::hugs:
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    The 2 photos below were taken from Wikipedia: The real photos of Hachi (ko):

    1) The real Hachi(ko): 1923 - 1935

    2) Hachi(ko): At the National Science Museum of Japan in Ueno.


    Thanks Expat for the links!! Both stories deserve their own merit!

    Your Shiba inu is definitely looking at Hachi's statue!! I hear Shiba inu's also form these fierce love bonds with their masters!! :biggrin: Sigh... Such Love!

    I absolutely agree with everyone here - Although these are such heartwarming stories - it just tugs and pulls on the heart strings!! :heart::heart::heart:
    Hachiko.JPG Hachi1.jpg
  11. Expat - Thanks again for the links. I got this info from the "greyfriarsbooby" link below:


    This link tells the stories of Extraordinary Dogs in History that have gone the lengths for their master!! :crybaby: SIGH...


  12. touching storey....
  13. That just breaks my heart!

    I can't remember if I read about this movie or saw the preview or what but I remember hearing about it.
  14. Awww, I cried while watching the preview. When does this come out in English? Does anyone know?
  15. ^ me too!! aaaaaaaaaaaw ;(