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  1. I finally took the desicsion to go for an HAC. I want a black one, but don´t know which leather! I thought about Fjord leather? Any suggestions with (European) price differences?

    Also, I´m around 6´1, do you think HAC 40 is to small, or do I have to go for a size 45?? Is there a big (European) price difference between a 40 and 45?
  2. there's no 45 HAC nowadays.

    Just 40 and then 50.

    I'm 5' 10" and the 40 looks alright to me. Try one in person.

    I think chuck75 knows how much is a 40 HAC at the moment.
  3. Last december the HAC 40 was 5 800 euro in Paris.
  4. Enjoy your hunt for the perfect HAC!
  5. If you are unable to decide on the size and unable to get a real one to try on, make a mockup out of cardboard to get a feel of the size. The weight difference is pretty significant thou, you have to imagine it. I think fjord is a very good choice for a guy. Good luck!
  6. It depends on how much stuff you want to carry around. I have a 50cm HAC and the bag is huge. I purchased it as an everyday bag, but it may be too big and heavy. When it's filled up with your stuff it is really heavy. At the store, when it was empty, it didn't seem that heavy.

    My next purchase will be a 40cm HAC. I think it will suit me better as an everyday bag and the scale will be perfect for my height. I am a 6' guy.