HAC... What do you think?

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  1. Hi all!!

    Let's talk about LARGE HAC bags!
    I just got a LOVELY Vert Anis Togo HAC 40 today! :yahoo: She is a real beauty, and i LOVE big bags, but what do you think about carrying HAC 40cm. for an every day bag?
    Have any of you seen anyone carrying one?

    I mean, WOAH, she's BIG, but i like big, but i don't want to look silly to others. lol. She's mid thigh when i carry her in the crook of my arm. I'm 5'3 and not... thin, for reference, too.

    Should i just ROCK her like she's meant to be, or should i get a 35 Birkin that people won't snicker at? :roflmfao: (I have a bit of a quirky taste, so people shouldn't be TOO surprised... but yeah...)

    I'll finally post modeling pics tonight...
  2. Jennifleur, first of all, Congratulations!!! Looking forward to your pictures.

    Bag size is always said to be a personal preference. If the 40 HAC is your size and you're comfortable with it, then, that's your answer.

    It's been said before that the size/height of a Lady does not seem to determine the size of her handbag...it's all in what *she* likes.
  3. Congrats!!! :yahoo: I say rock it if you like big bags and it's comfortable (not too heavy) for you to carry...why not? I love HACs...so gorgeous!
  4. First of all, CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:I would like to see what 40cm HAC looks like on your frame (I am 5'8" and currently on the hunt for a 40cm Birkin which I am going to be using mainly for travel as I will have to be travelling quite a bit in the upcoming year). My main concern with using it a 40cm HAC or a Birkin for every day is that it WILL get really heavy when full and if it's not full, then why not use a smaller bag?!:graucho:
  5. Thank you Susi and CB for your reassurance! :smile:
    It IS comfortable! I was actually quite surprised by that. It doesn't seem to heavy either.

    I think the bag is fab. Ive just got to get used to such a large bag on me. :yes:

    Thanks for the congrats, too! :love:

    I'll def post pice later, irene. :0)
    i've got to get "dolled up" to go out anyway. i need to get out of the pjs! lol
  6. Congratulations, Jen! Shopmom has a lovely HAC - see pics in the Ref thread... I'm sure there are others as well! I say enjoy that bag like nobody's business!
  7. Wow I love green and the HAC sounds beauiful. It would be too big for me to carry around everyday (B 35 is the largest I can handle and I'm your height) but if you like the look and feel of it than go for it!
  8. Wow, congrats jennifleur! Can't wait to see pics!!!
  9. OMG YOU ARE ON A ROLLLLL jennifleur!! first the kelly and now the hac!?! leave some bags for us (and you know what I mean :roflmfao: )

    I'll save my opinions for tonight after you post pics. I think some people can totally do the big bag look
  10. I think it's all in how you feel about it! I'd rock that bag, Jenn and don't worry about what other people think.....Can't wait to see your pics too!!!!! I've never seen a pic of someone actually carrying a 40.....YAAY!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS and welcome to the "HAC club" !!!!!
  11. It is all about you and whether you love it. If you truly love it and it makes you feel like a million bucks it will show when you use her. After seeing Jessica Simpson with those huge hobos I really don't think ANY large Hermes bag looks bad. Hermes is SO MUCH PRETTIER than anything else available.

    The HAC is much narrower and less extreme in dimensions than say a 40 regular Birkin. I think it will be fine. Please post some photos.
  12. Well I'm one of those short stacks that likes to "carry a big stick" so bigger bags are always a yeah to me.

    It comes down to what YOU feel the most comfortable with.
  13. CONGRATULATIONS! Would love to see you model your big bag. And yes, I am with all the ladies in the house. Who cares what other women think. So long as you are in love with it. :yes:
  14. a vert anis birkin is my next dream bag. please do post photos!
  15. first of all congrats on your great bag!
    i am 5'6'' and carry a HAC 36...i also love big bags plus i use for owrks as well so i really needed the size..
    my is togo and if i put all my documents in it is REALLY HEAVY!!!!
    if you use it more as a city bag i think the weight is fine and you always have enough capacity for other stuff!enjoy it!!!!!