HAC vs Birkin

  1. Is the only difference the size? The HAC is more rectangular. Here are the sizes that gigi posted in the Informative Catalog:
    Birkin Sizes
    Birkin 25cm - W25cm x H20cm x D13cm ( short handles only )
    Birkin 30cm - W30cm x H22cm x D16cm ( short handles only )
    Birkin 35cm - W35cm x H25cm x D18cm ( short handles only )
    Birkin 40cm - W40cm x H30cm x D20cm ( short handles only )
    Birkin 45cm - W45cm x H30cm x D20cm ( 2 versions, short & long handles )
    HAC Sizes
    HAC 27cm - W27cm x H24cm x D14cm
    HAC 32cm - W32cm x H27cm x D16cm
    HAC 45cm - W45cm x H38cm x D25cm

    Does anyone have an HAC? How do you like it? Are they popular?
    I think this is an HAC in the picture.
  2. I'm also interested in the HAC. I want a 32 in black lizard really bad- but I would really like it if it came in 35 or 37!
  3. There is HAC at Hermes here and it's been there since forever. It's a huge size though...probably 45cm. It's in natural color and not grainy leather.

    I personally, cannot pull of a HAC. I'm just too tiny and the elongated shape will make me even look smaller. They are very nice bags though and I think perfect for travelling.
  4. I'm debating between the 30cm Birkin vs the 32cm HAC. The size difference is Birkin W30cm x H22cm x D16cm vs HAC W32cm x H27cm x D16cm. I'm wondering since I already have a 30cm Birkin should I get the HAC?? Hopefully someone that has an HAC can comment! Does the HAC retail more than the Birkin ?
  5. I recall that it does retail slightly more, but my memory may serve to be incorrect.
  6. Hi Diana, I'm considering a HAC 32cm too :smile: The Birkin 35 is a great size for work & hold alot, but I'm hoping to find something that will carry as much ( or at least more than a Birkin 30 ) and yet look great.

    I asked for the store manager's advice & she said the HAC 32 is actually perfect for ladies who find the Birkin 30 too small and the Birkin 35 too big. So I hope I get to try out one soon & I'll let you know :idea: Price-wise, HAC 32 is between a Birkin 30 and Birkin 35.

    btw, Hermes has recently introduced a new size for HAC. It's the HAC 36cm. I don't have the exact dimensions, but it's definitely bigger than a Birkin 35.
  7. Hmmm. something to think about! I might consider one after I get a regular Birkin.
  8. I heard it's cheaper than a Birkin...I'm not sure why though...
  9. Yes Greentea, I think you should get the Birkin first! :smile: You can consider the HAC after that. Though HAC is actually the true classic that the Birkin is based on.
  10. I've been thinking about a HAC aswell, but I have never seen one in a smaller size, only the travel ones. Gigi, do you think it might be easier to find as it's probably less popular than the Birkin ? :biggrin:
  11. The HAC is adorable. I have had my eye on one as well, but I rarely see them. My guess is that once you purchase a bag you probably can put a request in for one. You may get it easier that way than continually looking for one each time you enter Hermes. I remember when I use to go to the boutique regularly they never had one on display.
  12. Hi Duna, I would think so...for 2 reasons:

    I think people who have yet to own a Birkin will not want a HAC. The HAC is an expensive bag (HAC 32 costs more than Birkin 30), so for them to plonk down that kind of money, they would rather get a Birkin than a HAC...if you know what I mean. But I guess those who already have Birkins & appreciate Hermes quality & craftsmanship will be very happy to get HAC...especially those looking for "in between" sizes..e.g. the HAC 28 and HAC 32. If any HAC is hard to get, I would think it's the HAC 32.

    Another reason could be that the HAC has shorter handles as compared to Birkin. So it would be difficult for ladies with big wrist or arm to wear the HAC comfortably on the crook of their arm. I'm quite petite and have small wrist...but I'll see how it fits me when I get the chance to try on a HAC :smile:

    btw, I visited the Loire website that Bijin mentioned & found some HAC 28cm listed there: http://loire-kobe.co.jp/item/new.html
  13. Hi Diana, I forgot to mention in my earlier post that besides the difference in size, the height of the handles on HAC and Birkin is different too. On HAC, it is shorter. Hope this helps..:smile:
  14. There's the cutest HAC in pink chevre on Ebay at Montecarloclub. The best thing is to see it IRL and try it on (for the shorter handles) I really like the idea of it though...;)
  15. Thanks gigi, all the information you provided very helpful! :biggrin: