HAC versus Birkin

  1. Hi gals, just got done reading my friend's copy of Handbag of the Fabulous. The author says that the Haute a Courroies as the original bag before the Birkin. I was curious to know from those who have tried on either or have both which you prefer. I'm doing research before I buy my bag :smile: . BTW, do any of you know what the author, Roslynn N. Gaiter Matthews, ebay name is? TIA for your opinions.
  2. I think it is just a matter of personal taste. I totally prefer the Birkin to the HAC. I like the proportions better. The handles on the HAC are shorter so it hangs a little differently on the arm, if that makes sense. I would think that the Birkin is much more popular than the HAC judging from the few HACs that are available. The HAC definitely has many devotees.
  3. I have the HAC and tried on the Birkin.

    I LOVE MY HAC! It fits my body type b/c it is taller than the Birkin. I love my color combination so that is why I LOVE it the most. It is more of a hand carry bag and less shoulder...and depending on arm size or space b/c of bracelets...I think arm carrying is dependant.

    I fit ALOT of stuff inside. I have an large LV cosmetic bag that I throw into all my bags to prevent scratching the inside.

    Getting into the bag I think is like the Birkin....though the two side straps are shorter than the Birkin. (l leave my bag open).

    Thanks for writing TIA and opinions. I just learned that TIA meant "thanks in advance" and I always thought it was someone's NAME :nuts:

    Good luck and take care:heart:
  4. youristtraveler- don't know much about HACs but would caution you to read the Amazon.com reviews about the author and check this forum's list of sellers to avoid. Please be careful!!
  5. JFYI the author of the book is persona non grata on this board, so please don't expect any of us to freely advertise her ebay activities.
  6. I am a big fan of the HAC. :yes: Don't have one, but I've tried one on and I really love the proportions.
  7. Thanks everyone for your opinions. They are helpful.
  8. I may be the only person who likes HAC in 28cm. I've tried one on in cobalt blue ostrich and it's the best size and proportion. It's bigger than a Kelly 28cm and since it's a handle bag, it looks like a good compromise between dressy and casual.:flowers:
  9. I love that size too Kou! :yes: It's perfect!
  10. kou, if you don't mind me asking, how tall are you? I'm short, only 5'3" and wondering if I should get a 28 or 32cm HAC (if I came across one). I have a 28cm kelly and love the size but I don't want to get bags that are too similar in size.
  11. You should've seen that one in cobalt blue, it was TDF! I really wish I have gotten it. i hadn't seen any more cobalt blue ostrich after that.
  12. I'm 5 ft 8 inches (without the heels). I find that a Birkin 30cm, sellier Kelly 28cm, HAC 28cm, and JPG Birkin to have the best fit on me. I think you will be able to pull off a HAC 28cm or Birkin 30cm beautifully. I do find that the HAC 28cm looks a little bit smaller and more elegant than Birkin 30cm.

  13. Thanks for your suggestions, Kou. If I'm going to invest in an Hermes bag I want to be absolutely sure it's as perfect as it can be. It's hard when it's not like you can just walk into the store and try on all sizes and colors. That's why I rely on this forum.
  14. ok. gotta go find out what a HAC looks like. anyone with pictures?
  15. Here's a HAC for you! I liked mine (the one in this picture) but ended up selling it because of the shorter handles...I like the Birkin or JPG Birkin best out of that style of bag.