HAC too big? or too long ?

  1. Having second thoughts on HAC 32cm ...
    DSC00820.jpg DSC00821.jpg
  2. I think it looks great on you. I have a birkin 30 and 35 and HAC 32 and I like the size and shape of the HAC the best.
  3. it is rather large (long) on you.
  4. Are you asking about the bag in the pictures? They look more like a 35 to me :weird:.
  5. DH explains it the way he was angled when he took the photo . He was kneeling down.
    I'll ask him to take another photo of me and the bag. :graucho:
  6. Ooooohhhhh......
    But the turn key appears rounded. The HAC has a square one...
    Brrrrr..... Maybe I need an eye check :wacko:.
  7. Anyhow, it doesn't look too big nor too long. It looks nice on you!
  8. Oooo. I just cracked my neck looking at your photos sideways. Next time, I should just turn my notebook. :push:

    It looks great on you.
  9. L@@ks Great On You!!!!!!
  10. :wacko: Perfect on you!
  11. its not that i want to seem negative but it is like you are carrying a 40cm --maybe you are very petite.
  12. Took a second look, you must be petite indeed. I had trouble putting my arm through the handle of a 32 HAC and yours seem quite roomy.
  13. I think it looks great on you!
  14. i THINK IT LOOKS SUPER ON YOU..WHAT YOU NEED IS SOME CONFIDENCE IN THE BAG AND YOU WITH IT..VOGUE IT BABY! I HAVE THE SAME SIZE HAC 32CM AND I AM 5'6" I think it works for me...How tall are you? Do you think you would be happier with a 30cm Birkin??? If so..start hunting :o) these bags cost so much you really shouldn't be feeling unhappy with it :o) Personally, the Birkin 30cm is just a tad small for my needs...I hope it works out for you either way! Best of luck!
  15. How tall are you? It's a bit difficult to see how it really looks because the pictures are sideways and I don't have a laptop to turn. Can you turn them before posting the next pics?

    From what I can tell at the angle the pics were shot, it doesn't look too big but I do know that even though others might thing a bag looks great on you, YOU have to be comfortable with it. If you aren't, nothing anyone else can say will change that.

    I love the HAC and started with a 32cm. I'm 5'3" and somewhat petite and was NOT comfortable in a 32cm and went down one size to a 28cm which I LOVE!!!!!!