HAC SO: thoughts?

  1. Gold chevre with PHW.................?
  2. One word: HOT

  3. thanks--i was starting to second guess my order.
  4. why can you get anymore classic? lol
  5. i know but i was debating RED or some other bright color.........however i prefer the colors in 28's and 30's.........a 32HAC is getting sizebeable and i was afraid something bright might be a regrettable decision
  6. I am very partial to gold right now. Ironically never looked twice at that color on anything till i came to tpf, now I am in love go figure lol, so i say go for it. Although red is my fav color (it looks average on me though, i just like it on paper lol.) and red would totally work as well. p.s. what kind of read are we talking about? because I do see what you mean in terms of size proportion and color but if it were rouge h it would be fine a vibrant red and yeah maybe not the best choice in such a large HAC. nevertheless i woudl still love it. then again its got to be a sewerage color for me not to like it lol (sorry if anyone was eating)
  7. Chevre comes in gold?!:nuts:
  8. I think it's a great choice. I love gold and with PH, there is a gorgeous feel to the piece. Gold HW brings out the warmth of the color but PH just looks amazing. Something about the cool feel of the hw mixed with the gorgeous gold leather tone - it's magical!

    Plus, I am a sucker for the HAC 32cm in neutrals. It's shape, handles, height...all of that really makes a statement on its own and the neutral leathers really allow for that.

    Great, great choice!
  9. That would be gorgeous!
  10. You know not to be gushy but this is why i love this forum..............thank you naughty manolo, authenticlux, and love hermes.............

    actually to what authenticlux said--my SA made a similar point. the gold of chevre is actually lighter and more golden than gold in togo or clemence (which to me is more of a light brownish tan that i have never gravitated toward. She said that the palladium with the gold gives me a "gold and silver" bag and I think she is right!. the gold is warm and classic and the palldium id fresh and crisp! I am so thrilled now! Thanks everyone!

  11. yes and there isnt much around! its quite lovely
  12. awww your very welcome Hermesaholic i wish i were financially able to be in your predicament than my position giving my 2 cents.
    without being too melodramatic *sigh* One day I will, one day.

  13. it took me awhile.............and i buy them for myself so dont despair. thanks!
  14. Yes, I agree, gold and silver is a nice contrast...very unexpected and not boring.
  15. I like silver as well but on Chevre I love the way gold hardware just GLOWS!! Either way though, you can't really go wrong!