HAC question

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  1. Was in my local store the other day and they had recived a book with all the bags that is for sale through Hermes. Am quite interested in getting a 32 HAC but in this new book they only offered large sizes 40 and 50 (or maybe 50 and 60). Does anyone know if they stopped offer the 32 or if its possible as an SO?
  2. The 32 is still around as far as I know...there have been some recent sightings in the inventory thread....

    Did you ask the SA at the store if teh 32 was still being offered?

    But if it's not....:wtf::crybaby:

    On the other hand...that DOES make my ban easier to swallow if it's not being produced....:rolleyes:
  3. The book was new so I am wondering how it is for the podium comming up. The SM didn't know since they don't buy HAC's to the store - she said she could call Paris and ask but I figured I'll ask the question here first!
  4. My FSH SA is on holiday this week, does anyone else know if HAC 32 is still available as a PO?
  5. From what I understand, HAC was not available in the last PO, but not too sure about the coming PO.

    Those sighted/available now are those trickling in from earlier orders, prob tail end.
  6. It is still available for SO, doudou just mentioned she has successfully put in her order.
  7. I just talked to my SM and she said that she didn't think that a 32 was available on SO either this season. But I would be glad if someone could verify that. Sine Doudou was able to place one you would think its possible.