HAC question.....

  1. Sorry, guys.....this has probably been answered 100 times already but being the computer UN-savy gal that I am, I can't find the info I need......

    anyone know the dimensions of a 28cm HAC? Other than the 28cm part?

    Anyone HAVE a 28cm Hac?

    Just.....you know......wondering is all..........:p
  2. ^^^Hey, you tried one on before. Do I have to jog your memory for that, too? Been rolling more than scarf hems lately?:graucho::p
  3. LMAO!!!!! gotta stop all the rolling, I guess......

    I remember but I just need the actual dimensions if anyone has them....
  4. I know someone on here has a 28cm Fuschia HAC (can't remember who though :shame:smile:. I hope she sees this thread.
  5. Shopmom.. maybe you should ask "the seller" for the dimensions:p.. he has THE BAG!! :lol:

    Whatever it is.. i'm sure its gorgeous!! cant wait to see your new addition!!:woohoo:
  6. SM

    Pictures of 28cm HAC from a Japanese reseller as I have problems with my hard disk where I have stored my pictures... sigh.

    The HAC 28 is mostly a handheld bag as the handle height is shorter than the 30cm birkin. You can still sling it through your hand but if you are wearing a heavy coat with thick sleeves, you may have a bit of a problem. I personally love the shape a lot.

    I think the dimensions of the 28cm HAC are as follows:




  7. Just what I needed!!!! Thank you, Archangel!!!!
  8. I have it as H24 x W28 x D14, .....edited to add...yep, just what archangel said!
  9. shopmom is in the works!
  10. ^^^Etoupe, 28cm HAC..................hmmmmmm...............
  11. Ahhh....etoupe HAC - I'm in lust!:heart:
  12. I have another question. Are HACs ever produced in croc? I don't think I've ever seen one...
  13. ^ I've never seen one, either. Only in ostrich...
  14. Thanks Greentea!

    Maybe it is due to the way the croc scales lay on a HAC... too narrow on the 28 or 32 HAC and too large a skin needed on the 36 HAC perhaps?

    I like the 28cm size, it is a very feminine looking bag in that size.
  15. Can I just say that that pink HAC looks really gorgeous? Like seriously, it looks divine!