HAC or Birkin

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  1. Thanks MrsSparkles! I'm actually leaving on Sunday, not 4th. Flying off as soon as I attend a cousin's wedding on Saturday. So it's exciting for me! I just wish I can access the internet enough to report on my experience in Hermes!
  2. TammyD.. Oh i cant wait for that report!!! I hope you score a birkin too!!
  3. TammyD LUCKY YOU!!! Sending you H vibes for your quest for a BIRKIN!!!! pls. let us know ASAP!!! A Birkin in Paris is sooooo very *special*!!!!
  4. Actually i use my HAC more than my birkin but it maybe effected by the color-combo(birkin chatrause, HAC havanna-choco-gold).
    And HAC is great for work if you have to carry a lots of documents.
  5. I can't wait for your progress report and do post as soon as you can, OK TammyD. And be diligent like everyone advises ... go everyday! Work off that fab lunch everyday at the mothership. What a bunch of butterflies you would have in your stomach when you enter the store everyday. How very exciting. :yahoo: Wish you all the best, and only the best. Hope you get to meet the special SAs recommended by some of the lovely ladies here, who could work out some magic for you!

  6. Thank you Pinkish!! I am hoping so too!
  7. I'm picking up all the vibes, MG!!! Send more my way :nuts::nuts:
  8. Thank you Mrssparkles!!! I'm getting excited already! Thank Goodness for this forum, from which I learnt (almost) everything I need to know about scoring a Birkin from Paris. The hunt is ON!! :wlae::wlae:
  9. Wonder how's Tammy doing at the Mothership. :smile:

    Hey sweetie, report back soon ok? :rochard:
  10. Hi ladies!!

    Am in Paris but haven't been to the mothership yet. Yes Yes I know. I should get my butt off this chair and start moving. Just that since I arrived I've got a lot of people to meet. Will go this afternoon if possible. Will be reporting for sure!
  11. Hey Tammy,

    Sending lotsa good vibes to you.
  12. Good Luck!!!