HAC or Birkin

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  1. Diana's foto illustrates my opinion about the HAC looking more formal/elegant whereas the birkin is more tote(ish)/casual..

    I have the Fuchsia HAC but in 28cm
  2. BIrkin!!
  3. Does anyone know what the next size up from a 32 Hac is Thanks
  4. The next size up for a HAC is a 36 cm. Of all the HAC sizes, i like the 28 cm best, followed by 32 cm. As for the larger size HACs (36 cm and 40 cm) I prefer the 35cm birkin to them as they become too "tall" and too "deep".
  5. Tammy for your petite frame I would only take the Birikin in 30cm.
  6. Thank you Archangel:heart: I have been meaning to ask that question for a long time. I have only seen 28 and size 32 I would love to see a 36:love:
  7. I personally like Birkin much more over HAC (it's just personaly preference...). I bought a HAC 32cm and returned it the next day. Some reason, it feels much deeper than Birkin. I thought I would not be able to find anything inside of HAC. I just did not click with HAC. I've never regretted returning HAC...
  8. Thanks archangel! Thanks Baggaholic! Thanks everyone!

    A coworker, who is 5"7, says she would prefer the HAC. I think really does boil down to height.
  9. I feel the same way too ... I like the 28cm and 32cm because of the proportions. My SA very nicely commented that a 32cm HAC is a square 'birkin' whereas a 30cm birkin is rectangular. She only likes these 2 sizes of the HACs.
  10. definitely go for a birkin!!
  11. Tammy

    I would suggest that you ask them to show you a birkin. If they tell you that they do not have any in stock, ask them to show you the Haut a Corroirres (spelling?) said in full ....as they won't know what a "HAC" is. They will not necessarily offer to show you the Haut even if they don't have the birkin. I recall in one of the hermes store I was browsing in. A lady asked for a birkin and the SA said they did not have any. Another lady asked for the HAC and they brought out a lovely black box 28 cm HAC. The first lady asked the SA why he did not show her the HAC and his response (in a rather haughty manner) was "madame, you did not ask for Haut, you ask for a birkin"...
  12. TammyD, wish you could have come earlier where we can meet and visit the hermes store every single day. I pick the birkin over the HAC, just my opinion. I was at the hermes store two days ago. An arab lady in full black face veil was shown a orange croc birkin 30 w/GH, it was totally stunning. Did she purchase? Yes, of course. What amaze me is she had her black gloves on, i think to cover her hands so that it'll not shown to men. when i think of the birkin, the birkin handles will be protected and maintained for a long time from sweaty palms. :rolleyes: i'm going back to indonesia, eid' al-adha is coming soon. Happy eid al-adha to all the muslim ladies here, pinkish love, wafaya, sarah cantikk and the rest.:heart: