HAC or Birkin

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  1. I'm about to make a trip to Paris to get my Hermes bags, and I'm wondering - if offered both, which one should I pick? Say, both are of the same color and leather. HAC in 32cm and Birkin in 30cm.
  2. TammyD - If I were you, I will get Birkin from Paris and HAC from my local H store.:graucho:
  3. Hi Amandakmc!
    Why do you think so? Is it cos HAC is easier to get locally?
  4. I've owned an HAC before, and while others love it, I don't. I'd go for the regular Birkin 30cm, hands down. Good luck!
  5. I'd get the Birkin 30 because I'm not that big a fan of the HAC.
  6. TammyD, I second what Amanda has said. Focus on a Birkin in Paris, because a Birkin would be a longer wait in Singapore. A HAC will be available to you, if that is what you want, so long as you establish a good relationship with the store (which you already have) and continue to reiterate what you want. I have come to realise that the Singapore stores are no different from other H stores around the world (with the exception of Paris where Birkins are everywhere), in that if a customer is out of sight for a long time, the customer is out of mind as well. Conversely, if you constantly visit the store you like, and establish yourself as a serious & loyal customer, you will more likely be offered to view the bags you desire.

    A 32cm HAC is definitely on my agenda for 2007 ;) .

    And if you would like to try for size between a 32cm HAC and a 30cm Birkin, let me know. I would like to be of help if I can.
  7. I have both 32cm HAC in Black Box and 30cm Birkin in Gold Togo and I'd recommend getting the Birkin first in Paris. Definately. While I love my HAC I don't use it as much as I use the Birkin......it's my tote for days when I have a lot of work-related things to carry. 30cm Birkin is my every day bag.....

    Go for the Birkin first.....
  8. get the birkin baby!
  9. Definitely a Birkin, somehow the proportions of the Hac don't seem to attract me at all (sorry Hac lovers).
  10. As the owner of 2 HACs (both 28 cm), I find the HAC 28 cm a much more elegant alternative to Birkin 30cm. It looks more elegant IMO... where the birkin is more tote-like/casual. So it really depends on your dress style and intended use of the bag? My office/work bags are my 35cm birkins... for handbags for I prefer the HAC 28 cm.
  11. Thank you everyone for your views!! I think I'll settle for the birkin. The HAC looks nice but if it's going to be more accessible than the birkin, no point for me to lug it all the way back here. Thank you!!
  12. Wonderful decision...good luck finding it in Paris.:smile:
  13. Great decision.
  14. Good luck. I can't wait to hear how you make out.
  15. Anyone has a pic of a HAC next to a Birkin, just to see the difference. I would be forever grateful.:smile: