HAC in Hermes taurillion clemance Camargue or Fjord ?

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  1. ^:yes:

    my bag is almost a year old but it still stands like this:


    hope that helps ;)
  2. Allan -- Love your HAC! It's gorgeous. My Clemence was always in a heap when it wasn't packed full of stuff. The weight of the leather, combined with that very heavy HAC lock kept it folded in on itself and you couldn't enjoy the beauty of the bag that way. I was sorry to part with it, but it was for the best. :biggrin:
  3. Allan, I Love your Hac!!!
  4. thanks costa and Pursepet. :heart:

    Pursepet, I know what you mean. this is jaegerhomme's 40 HAC in clemence:

  5. Allan- Your HAC is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!
  6. thank you, L :heart:
  7. I would say that Fjord would be the middle ground between Clemence (super slouchy) and Epsom (rigid).
  8. I heard Fjord is heavier than clemence.
  9. Yep, that's what I'm talking about. Mine was orange, too!
  10. I would say they are about the same, with some variation from skin to skin, but Fjord is not generally heavier than Clemence.