HAC in Hermes taurillion clemance Camargue or Fjord ?

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  1. I have planned to order a HAC 40 in Hermes taurillion clemance Camargue or Fjord ? Which leather would you recommend ? I would use it as my all day bag.
  2. In such a large bag the I think Clemence will become soft, I would only choose this is you want a very slouchy bag. As far as I know the Clemence Camargue is pretty similar to the regular Clemence. My recommendation would be Fjord, it will hold it shape well in a this kind of bag and withstands weather and scratches also.
  3. both are very durable leather. as Bababebi has stated, if you want to go for a slouchy bag, then clemence, if a structured bag, then fjord.

    another aesthetic to consider is that fjord sometimes will come with veining. clemence is almost always veinless.

    depending on the color you want, you should look at the leather swatch and see if the color will vary on the two types of leather. fjord has a velvety smooth yet grainy texture. i've never really looked at a camargue leather swatch so i can't really comment!

    btw, both will be HEAVY!
  4. camargue? a new leather?
  5. I haven't seen the clemence camargue, but I think fjord would be great -- kind of "sturdy" looking -- on a big bag.
  6. Fjord all the way!
  7. Fjord!
  8. Is the leather Hermes use for their "Steve" bags. Its made from young bulls from the area of Camargue in France
  9. In this size Fjord!
  10. I have put my name on a Kelly 35 in Taurillon Camargue, but I have never seen it IRL and I didn't pay much attention to the Steve bags, so I cant' remember how it looks like.

    My SA thinks it might look quite like Fjord but I wouldn't mind if it's more like Clemence..
  11. Fjord!

    But, if color is a motivator, then it may depend on what is available in each skin. I think at podium 40 HACs are regularly offered in Marron Fonce and Noir Fjord.
  12. Another vote for Fjord here.
  13. Epsom. My 40 HAC is in epsom. Lighter than any of the two leathers you mentioned :smile:

    Because in the end, you'd want to carry a lightweight bag. Trust.

    Plus, espom doesn't slouch. Perfect for the 40 HAC's regal shape. ;)
  14. Just out of my curiosity. How about Togo? I've just placed PO of a 40 cm togo HAC simply because my SA recommended it. I'm just worried that it'd not be the right choice?
  15. I vote for something other than Clemence. I just sold my 40 HAC in Clemence because it was incredibly heavy, even when it was empty. If you plan to use it as an everyday bag, I agree with Allan -- consider Epsom if you can get it. You'll be much happier!