HAC Help!

  1. I am seriously thinking of SOing/purchasing a 32cm HAC but I can't figure out if it would be appealing to me and to my shape/size. Please advise me and I would appreciate any modeling pictures that you might have of you and your HAC. I've tried the 35cm Birkin that was Chocolate Togo which seemed too heavy and large and I've owned a 30cm Birkin Black Clemence which appeared too small for my frame. Unless I'm being overly critical...not sure. I could try a 30 or 35 again in a different leather/color.
    I did try a 32cm HAC once and I wasn't sure if I liked it or not...it was long, but it might be my only choice if I want that "Birkin look".
    So far I am happy with 32cm Kellys, 31cm Bolides...any help would be appreciated.
    I am 5'4" tall and average weight.
  2. Yikes I'm 5'9" so I don't think I can help, but I love the look of a HAC. I carry 35 Bs 32 Kellys and have 2 32 HACs I think they have an elegant look. I love the elongation.
  3. Hmmmm...the elegant look sounds nice! Thanks!
  4. I will do the modeling picture of HAC 32 for you tomorrow. :smile:
  5. Thanks ilovemylife!
    Thanks Loony...I'll check that thread.
  6. I adore the HAC. My SA was shocked when I put mine beside a 35 recently, to realise that there is virtually no difference in height - because it is 3cm narrower, it gives the impression of being taller, but it's not really. I just think it looks more elegant than a 35. It doesn't look as 'batwingy' either.
  7. 5'11 and pregnant - 32 cm HAC.

    It's a great bag - the HAC is super elegant!
  8. LH I'm just a tad shorter at 5'3" and average weight and found the 32cm a bit big for me in that there was way too much room inside the bag and all my stuff kept falling on top of itself......I went to a 28cm and that did the trick. Also, I really didn't like the 32cm in proportion to my body type. The 28cm just looked better to my eye.....

    Here are a few comparison shots....

    32cm Black Box HAC and the 28cm Black Chevre HAC.
    HAC&me.jpg HACfront2.jpg
  9. S'Mom - that's the first time I have had a really good look at your 28 chevre HAC. I'm curious to know how you find it's ability to keep its shape. I 'mind' my 30 chevre birkin very much, because I can see it would like to do a slight bend at the back if left to its own devices. - Hence it gets stuffed and laid on its side when being put away. I haven't seen enough chevre to know if it floops/droops a bit with time.....
  10. Thanks piaffe and S'mom...love your HACS!!
  11. Hello, lovehermes, I am about the same size as you are.....and on me the B 35 can feel heavy and large just as you describe. It's also too bulky....front to back, like ShopMom says it's just too much handbag for my lifestyle.

    But, so is the HAC 32! I loved the two HACs I had in this 32 size.....they were stunning!
    And I so wished I could have made them work but.....again, too much bag for me. To me there was not that much size/feel/difference from the HAC 32 to the B35 even tho, of course, the proportions of both are different.

    There is a more of a jump from the Birkin 30 to the HAC 32 than there is from the HAC 32 to the B 35. I ended up with a HAC 28 which is ideal for me. I just kept trying to wear the larger bags and they just didn't work.

    As for the Birkin 30 the proportion to me is still "off" Again, it's all personal preference and trial and error.

    Now, all this has very little to do with my size as a lady. I have friends smaller than I who wear their B 35s with ease and love them! Same with the HAC 32 size. I think you just have to try them and get a feel for what works for you and not be swayed as I was several times by the bag itself...the color, the leather.... if the size and shape/style is not quite right. You just won't, in my opinion, wear it and enjoy it if it doesn't work for you no matter how gorgeous it is!

    In fact, of all the bags the Kelly 32 is really the best size/shape for me and my size.....not info you asked for, but.....

    It's how it FEELS to you that matters. Of course you want it to look good but, remember, that at our size we can really wear visually almost anything and look great. We're average size ladies.....and average, in this case is good!:tup:
  12. I think you should see my 28cm HAC in person and then you can get an idea if you like the style or not. I think a 32cm would look wonderful on you!
  13. Lovehermes, So sorry for being late, Here are the modeling pics with 32 HAC. I am 5'5" with no heels and with heels. (The pants is kind of big and I am average weigh as well.)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  14. I absolutely LOVE my 32 HAC's and I am 5'4".....I plan to get another someday!