HAC experts: I need help!

  1. I've just seen 2 black Box 32 HAC's on eBay, and they both have the Birkin closure (round turnkey, not square); does anybody know why??? I thought one of the main differences between a HAC and a Birkin, besides the shape, is the different shaped closure.....I'm expecting a black Box HAC, but I do want it with the HAC turnkey....Can anybody enlighten me??????????TIA:flowers:
  2. hi dear, i own a 32 hac raisin and it has definitley the square turnkey similar to the shoulderbag and also the holding of the strap is different to the birkin. as far as i know that is the only way they produce the hac.
  3. Duna - Don't worry. HAC can have round or square turnkey. My older barenia HAC has a round turnkey, but I have seen new HACs with square turnkey at my local H boutique. If you prefer the square one, perhaps you could make a request. BTW, I love your veau naturale. :flowers:

    Oh, I forgot to add that tinimuck is correct about the handles. They are shorter than those of the birkins.
  4. ^^Yes the turnkey used to be round but in the recent last couple years the design was changed to the square turnkey. The ones you are seeing on eBay are probably a few years old.
  5. What Rocker & LTC said. I personally prefer the square turnkey, but when a barenia HAC became available with the round turnkey, I jumped at it!! If you want a certain leather or color that is not currently available, you may want to go with the round turnkey.
  6. they have gone back and forth on the turn lock. it was square then round and now is square again. the guide bars are also slightly different if you look closely--they are rounded instead of flat
  7. DUNA.......if you're getting one new from the store it'll have the square turn-key. If they are on eBay or through any other reseller, you'll find most of those will have the round turn-key because most likely they are older.
  8. Ohhh, I see!! It makes sense now! The black Box one I should be getting will be new from the store, so I'm glad it'll have the square turnkey! And if I should ever come accross a Barenia HAC:girlsigh:, then I'll take it even if it has the round one!!!LOL! Thanks Ladies, for making things clear to me!
  9. Duna, I too was told that they went round for a few years way back and then returned to square in recent years. I so prefer the square and the handle guides to be closed versus the Birkin handle guides which tend to snag my sweaters if I wear the bag towards me when trying to be discreet. Can't wait to see your new HAC!!
  10. Straps are about 2" shorter...If you wear a bulky jacket it may be a little hard to navigate.
    But you'll looooooooooove it otherwise~!!