HAC continues to confuse me

  1. Hello Hello ALL :smile:

    So I recently went to see my SA at H on Rodeo to pick up my newbie
    HAC 50, I had been told when she called to let me know a 50cm "anything
    you get in the store call me please!" HAC & Travel birkin had come in they
    were both in way before expected and the client who special ordered the both of them couldn't do both of them. My SA reassured me it wasn't drastically different from the traditional HAC of course I said yes to it even though it was gold and I was shooting for a vert olive, jumped on tPF and told the world about my soon to be newbie which I am more than grateful for but the odd thing about the HAC is the handles look like regular birkin handles? I love the bag unconditionally, but I'm guessing THAT was what was special about it ? Someone please help I'm way confused. :confused1: :upsidedown:
    I love it, but I sort of want to take it back and wait around for a regular HAC 50cm.
    What to do ?
  2. I'm confused. What are they supposed to look like?
    HAC handles are identical to Birkin handles in their construction, they are just usually a touch shorter.
  3. Mine aren't shorter I don't think they look IDENTICAL to my 40cm.
  4. Could you take a pic and show us?
  5. Uploading from camera now.
  6. [​IMG]

    What do you guys think ?
    To keep or Not to keep ?
  7. versus
  8. You got a Birkin 50 correct?
  9. No HAC.
  10. I must be missing something.
  11. what size is it?
  12. is the turnlock square?
  13. Yes just like a jpg.
  14. I am no expert! However, to my un-trained eye, the handles on your 50 HAC look just like the ones on the blue HAC being toted through the airport by an Olsen twin...JMHO.
  15. Interesting, It does not appear as tall as a 50cm HAC, the handles look birkin length but it has the hac plates.