HAC 40 or 50 cm, what does men mostly choose ?

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  1. I have planned to order a black HAC in taurillion clemence, as a travel bag. Which is the most popular size ? 40cm might be good as a boarding case, 50 might be very heavy but holds more stuff ?
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  3. I've mostly seen men carrying 50cm as a travel bag. The 40cm Birkin won't hold that much especially if you don't pack lightly! ;)
  4. I use my 50cm HAC when travelling or overnighting...........and 40cm HAC for daily use.............HTH..............
  5. i have been advised that HAC will no longer be in regular production. It will be available for SO only. so if you are planning to get either, you may need to work with a SA to locate one for you quickly!

    for me, I find HAC50 to be too unwieldy. clemence is notoriously heavy, so I would recommend HAC40.
  6. Go with the 40. The 50 is just too big to lug around comfortably...

  7. I agree :biggrin::biggrin:
  8. 40. 50 is too big for daily use and heavy. Will you consider leather/toile combo?
  9. A 40 HAC is a really good piece to have. It can do double duty. You can travel with it or use it for daily. Your choice of leather is perfect. With age it will become the most remarkable puddle of leather, a characteristic desired by Clemence lovers. I say go with the 40, you'll get more use out of it.

    Although a 50 is bigger..it's so much heavier and you won't enjoy carrying it around when its full and heavy. Get a 50 if you wanna use it as travel luggage..or if somebody else will be carrying it for you. (LOL)
  10. Hello! I am new to this forum and I am trying to decide if the HAC 40cm or 50cm would be best for my everyday bag. I usually like large bags but i am 5'6 and 120 pounds. sometimes the 40CM looks a bit small to me for a man, other times it looks just right? The50 cm brikin is a nice size but it is too horizontal for me as I like the height of the HAC! does anyone have a 40CM HAC and a 50cm HAC comparison photo? i would appreciate any advise/photos/comments

    Also is Togo a good leather for a HAC as I don't want the bag to floppy? for the fall season my store has a 40 cm indigo Togo HAC I reserved but I am not sure this will be a right fit!
  11. welcome to the forum, as for HAC40 whether it's togo or not it will be floppy. and because of the lack of interior pockets, it makes me difficult for everyday use and it heavy, very heavy. I'm a tall person of 6'3" and HAC40 is ok for me.
    if you can find an Epsom one or Box leather one it's less floppy, but it will be floppy after using a while.
  12. I think for your height the HAC 40 will be more than enough...I am 6' tall I use HAC 40 and Birkin 40's.

    Of the three HAC 40's I had, the Toile/Barenia was the least floppy and additionally I used a bag organizer to help the bag keep it's shape as Togo and Clemence in that size tends to slouch easily over time.

    That's exciting you've got Indigo Togo reserved...that is my HG color!
  13. IMO, a 50cm HAC will be too huge and troublesome to lug around as a daily bag.......a 40cm will be a good size for you.........I am 5ft8 and I still find carrying a 50cm HAC a challenge, and I only use it when traveling ........here is a pic with a 40cm and 50cm HAC side by side...........mind you a 50cm should have been taller if it is not floppy

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  14. nice bags there sydspy!

    ahhh only SO :/ i was thinking of buying it next year! bleh!
  15. This is exactly what I was looking for!!! Thank you for your time with the post and photo photo!! I think the 40cm is going to be my choice!