HAC 36

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  1. Hello Fellow Forum Friends!

    I am hoping you can help. I've been looking for a HAC 36 recently and came across one from a reputable reseller. Problem is, I've never held one in person so I'm unsure if the size would be good for me. I'm usually a Birkin 40 (I have HAC 40 that I never carry because I find it too large).

    I know there are some threads on here comparing it to B35, but does anyone have information or shots comparing it to a B40? Any help would be great.

    I'm a guy - 5'8", 150lbs. I don't want it too small but don't want the bulk like my HAC 40. Any assistance anyone can give me as far as sizing and comparing with larger pieces would be great!

  2. Here's a photo of my 36 HAC and 40 HAC side by side. The 36 is considerably smaller than the 40 - more like a 40 Birkin than a HAC.

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  3. Thank you! I have a HAC40 and know the 36 would be smaller (considerably), which is fine because I rarely use my HAC40 since I find it bulky at the base. I appreciate you're help and am hoping someone owns a Birkin 40 and a HAC36 that they can shoot side by side for me (and model, hahaha!)
  4. I think 36 will look gd on you
    Perfect work horse
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  5. Sorry! I was at work, misread, and thought you wanted to see the HACs side by side.
  6. It is a good work horse and a surprisingly large number of men tend to compliment it.
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  7. Please no apologies! I appreciate the side by side, and anyone willing to help me with my dilemma need not apologies for any input!
  8. Haha, thank you!

    I am going to sell or consign my 36 because I've started carrying an etriviere messenger to work, almost exclusively - does anybody have a recommendation other than eBay for selling?? too many scams on there, especially for high value items.
  9. Please note this is @JWiseman's thread and your question is OT.

    Advise can be found on the thread below and throughout the Hermes Shopping sub-forum as well as the General Shopping forum.

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  11. Here is my HAC36 side by side with B40. They have the same
    height and I love using them equally. What color of H36 are you going for? :smile:

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  12. Here is another pic for the gusset perspective comparison. Please update here if you decide to get H36. It’s so hard to find one - I have been looking to add another one for over 2 years now and still can’t find one!

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  13. I’m enjoying this thread. I love my HAC 40 and I wouldn’t say no to an HAC 36!!!
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  14. Wow! Thank you so much, super helpful (gorgeous bags btw...super jealous of your color choices!). So they’re the same height, B40 just slightly wider (left to right) and deeper at base?
    I hate to say I’m a pack rat with my bags but the HAC36 looks roomy enough.
    This really helped push me more towards the HAC36 than B40...even though I want both hahaha.
  15. the base of HAC36 measures 36 by 18 cm. I can lay my Surface 3 flat in it. Thanks for your kind compliments on color. Indeed took a lot of luck to get here. I have been trying to persuade my dearest SA to let me order HAC36 but so far, no success yet. I could only settle for B40 SO -_-‘
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