HAC 32 for little me?

  1. Hi ladies,

    Once again I would like to know if you gals think a girl thats just under 5'1; 90ish lbs would look suitable for a bright color HAC?

    I cannot and haven't tried the bag IRL, so I'll need your expertise :tup:.

    TIA :heart:
  2. Why not? Are you concerned it will be too big? Maybe you could even go down one size.
  3. Shoot...wish I was 90 some pounds!!!
  4. 28cm YORELICA. The 32cm is big in width and tall in height. I'm 5'3" and 110# and found the 32cm a little out of proportion to my frame (and way too roomy inside) vs. the 28cm.

    28cm would be my recommendation UNLESS you like big bags.
  5. PLUS.....a bright colored bag always seems to look larger than it really is. So, the 32cm in a bright will look even bigger against your petite frame.
  6. I'm of the opinion that height doesn't enter into this decision nearly as much as what type of look you prefer and what your personal preference is as far as bag size.

    As an example, I'm about your size and love 35 Birkins just as much as I do 30's, but I feel perfectly comfortable carrying them and like the look. It's much more about whether "you're" going to feel like it's too large for you and only you can answer that.

    Obviously though, you asked about the 32 HAC and to me, this is a perfect compromise between the 30 and the 35 when someone feels the 35 is a little large and is debating between the 2 sizes. As far as a bright color in the 32 is concerned: yes, it might look a little larger than a dark color would in the same size, but that's only an issue as far as your feelings on color are concerned.

    The decision really comes down to your own preferences, but in and of itself, the bag isn't too big for you.
  7. KB: i do like bigger bags bcs i carry lots but im afraid its too "long" / tall bcs im short & i usually wear flip flops!
  8. s'mom: heheheee i totally agree with u. while kelly 28 is PERFECT for us, i feel my 32 is overwelming unless i wear heels or dress up... I am wondering if the 32 HAC will feel like the 32 kelly or as style said..."perfect combo if 35 too big; and i do find my 30 tad small"........hmmmmmmmmmm?
  9. I'm going to respectfully disagree with S'Mom on this. (please don't kill me!!):blush:

    To me, the 28 is a completely different bag and is teeny-tiny: the handles, the proportions are way too small IMO.
  10. style: do u have any photos of u and ur lovely 32 HACs for reference? thanks so much for your input!!!!!!!!
  11. OMG!!! GIRLY!!! what r u cookin' up?? SPILL!!! what color???
  12. Yorelica: I think you just answered your own question.

    If you already feel that the 32 Kelly is overwhelming on you, you obviously have a preference for smaller bags. That means you personally would find this one too big.
  13. Style: don't you love it when our threads answer our own question?

    Well..the thing is: I was thinking because a HAC is not as dressy/elegant as a Kelly...it effects wouldn't be the same? And awww well the HAC I've got in mind is soooooo heavenly...its very hard to pass on...! :p

    And about porportion: well I've got a big head and small bottom half...so I could use a bigger bag and it would look alright, due to my big head! :confused1: No?
  14. Yorelica, I agree with style101.....I don't see a lady's personal physical size being as much a considering factor. What I do see as a factor is how much she carries inside her bag and what she just personally prefers as an individual.

    I see small bags on tall ladies, and ladies under 5 feet carrying Birkin 35s.

    Do you have the option of actually trying on the bag and wearing it around a bit? See if it "fits" you??
  15. susi: unfornuately...i dont :sad: