HAC 28cm vs. Bolide 31cm


HAC 28cm or Bolide 31cm?

  1. HAC 28cm

  2. Bolide 31cm

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  1. Here's a hypothetical situation that will probably not happen for another couple of years. but you know me, I gotta plan ahead. Ok, so let's say a couple years later you got yourself a Birkin 30cm and two bags remain on your list - HAC 28cm and Bolide 31cm. Which would you pick and why?
  2. If I didn't already have a Bolide, that's the one I'd pick only because I like to have an assortment of styles to choose from. Once I have all styles that I love represented, I'd go back and do some duplicates only in different color/leather combinations. I know the HAC is different than the regular Birkin but they are still very similar styles so.......Bolide would be my choice!
  3. I voted Bolide because the HAC and Birkin are very similar styles. I would want a little variety.
  4. HAC because I just :love: it! But the Bolide is great too. Ugh it's so hard to choose! :lol:
  5. I love Bolide. But, I would choose HAC over Bolide if I really have to decide only one. Because I like the fact that I don't have to open and close each time with Birkin and HAC...It's just my personal preference...
  6. Here's the thing, I know I have birkin 30cm on my list, but now I'm wondering if I really need a HAC 28cm on the list as well because they're so similar. I like HAC 28cm because I think it's a better size for me, but the handle is a bit short and that's why I think Birkin 30cm will be necessary. I love Bolide too but I need to learn to narrow down my list or else I'll never get anywhere. The other thing is that I figure HAC is harder to get than Bolide, so I'm a bit lost.
  7. kou-I've never met you in person, but I remember reading somewhere that you are tall and skinny. Handles of HAC 28cm and Birkin 30cm does not have huge difference. Yes. Handles of HAC 28cm is little shorter than Birkin 30cm...But not by much. I carry Birkin 30cm on my shoulder sometimes, and HAC 28cm fits on my shoulder as well when I tried at Hermes a while ago.

    So, maybe you can get Birkin 30cm or HAC 28cm and use it as shoulder Birkin until you get your dream exotic JPG shoulder Birkin...?:P
  8. In that case, should I only get either HAC or Birkin as opposed to both and save the room for a Bolide instead? HAC is harder to get than a Bolide right? Which one is dressier?
  9. Yes. I heard HAC is as hard as getting Birkin from SA. Which one is dressier?...hmmm...I always bring one of my exotic Birkins when I go out for important occasions or dinners. I use my Bolide for doing my daily routine errands or going to work...That's tough question...IMO, I would carry one of my Birkins to be dressed-up.
  10. I'm actually leaning toward the Bolide because I thought Birkin 30cm and HAC 28cm will be pretty similar, right? Hmmm ... dangit I wanna get them all~
  11. me too, Kou.. would just get them both.. hehe....
  12. Ditto:yes:
  13. Love the Bolide! Didn't YSL copy it for it's Muse (spelling?) bag?
    It's so practical, discreet and tasteful.