HAC: 28cm HAC vs 32 HAC

  1. When I hold the HAC's the 32 is close to being just a bit too big for me in nearly the same way that the 35 is just too big a bag (for me).............does anyone have a 28 HAC? I saw one and think i am in love. It seems a bit bigger than a 28 kelly (being taller and deeper) and yet is about the chic-ist bag ever. can i get some feed back and some pix from HAC owners?. Thanks!

  2. so NO ONE owns a28cm or both sizes??????
  3. S'mom could answer this question as she used to have a 32 and currently has a 28. I find the handle on the 28 to be too small.
  4. Hermesaholic, YES, I have/had both.

    OK, to me, the HAC 32 is too deep....meaning from front to back. It's too bulky. The 32cm width ( left to right ) is fine. I like this width on Kellys too. The height was a little much, but the main drawback to me, was the depth.

    I didn't have anywhere to put it inside the car when my DH and I rode together. NOT on the floor, not in the backseat because when I turned around to pick it up I always hit him on the head with it as I pulled it to the front seat....as the bag was kind of large.

    And, it was too wide to set beside me and the car door or beside me and the console of the car.

    HOWEVER, the HAC 28 is great! It does have some front to back depth, and the width of a Kelly 28 but it is not too bulky.....I felt the 32 HAC to be too bulky, for *me*

    The handle is fine for me. My wrists are slender but not thin. I never think of the handle as I've had no problem with it. And, I do not wear heavy sleeves, so no problem there either.

    The 32 is a lovely size, and I feel it would work well for many ladies, probably, on average, better than the 28. But, if you like the Birkin style and don't need or want a large Birkin, the HAC 28 would be fabulous.

    Question....have you tried a Birkin 35 or a Birkin 30?? Is the 35 size good for you? If so, then the HAC 32 would work, I feel. If, however, the Birkin 30 is the better size for you, then, the HAC 28 would be your size in this style.

    There's a big difference between these two sizes....the 28 and the 32.