HABs Are The New WAGs

  1. THE WAGs may have ruled the media roost this summer but it’s the HABs – Husbands and Boyfriends – we’re intrigued by now.

    Hitched or hooked-up to some of the sexiest women in the world, these fellas seem happy to play second fiddle to their more famous female mates.
    But are they? In a world where gender roles are blurred at the best of times, it must hurt to pose at a premiere and hear only these words in response, 'Out the way, mate, we can’t see your missus'.
    From music moguls and Oscar wannabes to textile barons and rappers-in-waiting, we take a look at the men walking two steps behind the hottest girls on the planet


    HAB TO: Britney Spears
    DAY JOB: On top of flashing his pants and partying with mates in Vegas, K-Fed has somehow found time to record a rap album.
    BIDS FOR THE LIMELIGHT: Endless whinges about being seen as Mr Spears have ensured K-Fed stays in the news. That and his impressive ability to spend Brit’s cash.
    THE FUTURE: We’d like to think Kev has a glittering career as a rapper ahead of him. But after one reviewer described his single PopoZao as “incredibly horrible” we’re not so sure.


    HAB TO: Elizabeth Hurley
    DAY JOB: Half-Indian Arun is the heir to a textile fortune in Mumbai.
    BIDS FOR THE LIMELIGHT: A messy divorce in which he accused ex-wife Valentina of “mental torture” threatened to overshadow his relationship with leggy Liz.
    THE FUTURE: Those strokably silky locks are just begging for the L’Oreal treatment. Because Arun’s worth it.
    WHAT SHE SAYS: “He’s lovely…he’s a fabulous guy…I adore him.” Gush.

    HAB TO: Christina Aguilera
    DAY JOB: As if marriage to Xtina were not enough to keep him busy, Jordan’s a music exec with an impressive list of clients from Pink to Madonna.
    BIDS FOR THE LIMELIGHT: The purchase of a five-carat diamond engagement ring worth £40,000 was flashy by some standards. But then keeping Xtina happy must come at a price so he’s forgiven.
    THE FUTURE: Not much of a looker himself, Jordan’s inspired a whole generation of geeks to pull the hottest girl in school. A career as a motivational speaker on the subject surely beckons for Bratman.



    HAB TO: Keira Knightley
    DAY JOB: Also an actor, Rupert’s best known for playing Mr Wickham in the big-screen version of Pride & Prejudice.
    BIDS FOR THE LIMELIGHT: Rupert seems unfussed by fame but those chiselled cheekbones make their own bid for stardom every time he’s snapped.
    Top marks for a Zoolander pout to rival Keira’s.
    THE FUTURE: Considering his scary similarity to Orlando Bloom, perhaps Rupert can earn his keep as a stunt double on POTC 3.


    HAB TO: HM The Queen
    DAY JOB: Consort to her Maj
    BIDS FOR THE LIMELIGHT: His frequently offensive comments about everything from Chinese people to single mums act as a happy reminder that Phil’s still alive and kicking.
    THE FUTURE: The Bulgarians and Romanians look set to join the EU – any comments, Phil?

    HAB TO: Kate Beckinsale
    DAY JOB: Len is a film writer and director. He met Kate on the set of vamp thriller Underworld.
    BIDS FOR THE LIMELIGHT: Who can forget those mid-surf snogs with Kate in a pair of ‘Mrs Wiseman’-emblazoned bikini briefs.
    THE FUTURE: Yet another Underworld movie is in the pipeline. Flogging. Dead. Horse.


    HAB TO: Julia Roberts
    DAY JOB: Danny met Jules while working as a camera operator on The Mexican. He’s since worked on Mr and Mrs Smith, Fun with Dick and Jane and Friends With Money.
    BIDS FOR THE LIMELIGHT: Bar a few ugly public rows with his bride, none.
    THE FUTURE: Domestic bliss with twins Phinnaeus and Hazel, we hope. Although Julia’s said to blame Danny for her disastrous recent run on Broadway since it was his advice to do theatre. Bad call, D.
    WHAT SHE SAYS: “Who’s that hunk of burning love?” (her alleged first words on spotting Danny across a film set).

    HAB TO: Katie Price aka Jordan
    DAY JOB: Er, does he have one? Oh yes, ‘writing’ about his life with Jordan in autobiography All About Us: My Story.
    BIDS FOR THE LIMELIGHT: Fairly few in his own right recently. Which seems a shame when you remember the infectious beats of both Insania and Mysterious Girl.
    THE FUTURE: Peter and Katie are trying for another baby after a tragic miscarriage in the summer. Pete’s also wangled a cameo as himself in the new series of Hotel Babylon.
  2. Hehe, didn't know that re: queen's hubby's comments and such.
  3. I have to say something here. Peter Andre is definatly as famous (if not more as hes been around for at least 12-13 years fame wise) as Jordan, at least in the UK and for any girl above the age of 20!

    Prince Phillip is the only son of Prince Andrew of Greece and therefore Prince Philip was crowned Prince of Greece and Denmark. I would hardly call him a hanger-oner.

    And Arun Nayar is the playboy son of a Bombay textile millionaire and is also a business man and owner of the computer firm, Directions Software Solutions. Elizabeth Hurley is only a model/actress (and apparently a small share holder in Estee Lauder cosmestics). In the business world the Nayar name is huge and I doubt Arun plays second fiddle to ANY woman. He is definatly the financial heavyweight in the relationship as well as being the more successful one (having your face on a brand commercial cannot be seen, at leats for me, more successfull then having almost a dozen supersize factories all over the world and dominating several industires.

    I'm sorry for the rant. I just thought I sould put some things straight.

    Kevin Federline on the other hand. Waste of space.
  4. He's awful!:yucky: a couple of years ago, he started a conversation with a blind lady about guide dogs (seeing eye dogs). He said he's heard a rumour that anorexics go round with "eating dogs." On a rodyal vist to a cheese making place, he refused to wear a protective hat so they had to dispose of cheese worth tens of thousands of pounds!

    It's only a matter of time before you look up faux pas in a dictionary and find his face there.

    he hasn't always been like this though, he was on an official visit to West Africa in the 1950s where whe wa acutally quite charming (my great aunt and uncle where guests at one of the engagements.)
  5. I won't be surprised if Wikipedia already has that! :lol:

    He made some comments about Chinese people and slanted eyes when he visited China years ago with his wife. :wtf: He sure has some balls, or he is just arrogant, or stupid ... one of those.
  6. He's a total pig. He hassled Princess Diana endlessly as well.

  7. I couldn't agree more! whoops, more space wasted, sorry :lol:
  8. ^^ Agreed.. i cant stand KF!
  9. I'm still more interested in WAGs, hee.

  10. I agree. :yes: To measure someone's success merely on the extent of their fame, is a ridiculous thing to do. :shrugs:

    Many people would view achieving success, without relying on the fickle, double-edged sword of fame, to be more impressive.