Habitual jeans @ Costco CHEAP!!!!!!

  1. Habitual jeans @ Costco CHEAP!!!!!!
    I was just at the Costco in Burbank CA and they had 3 large piles of Hibitual jeans in all sizes from 27 to 32. I have never bought them before. (I usually buy 7's for mankind or Joe's). I knew they were expensive jeans so I bought one pair. The sign said $30.00. I was not really paying attention to when I was being rung up (my bad). I got home and tried them on. They were just a little snug. I went on line to Nordstrum's just to see how much they were. They run between $175-$225. I decided for $30.00 I needed to go back and get one size bigger (perfect fit). Well I ended up getting more than a few pairs (5 total). I got up to the check out. They rang up at $40.00 (still a great deal) I said the sign said $30.00. I went and got sign and there was no problem. They even gave me back $10.00 from the pair I bought a few hours earlier. Got to LOVE Costco. Then on my way home I had to stop at Gucci and I just "had" to buy 2 new purses.
  2. pics of purses?

  3. I don't have pic's yet but here are the links


    new britt' medium hobo with single strap, magnetic snap closure, interlocking G ornament, D ring detail, inside zip pocket, cell phone pocket, and pda pocket. 14"L x 1.2"W x 12.6"H. beige/ebony GG fabric with white leather trim and light gold hardware.

    And I also got

    'princy' large hobo with zip-top closure chocolate guccissima leather with chocolate leather trim and light gold hardware
  4. good find. Sometimes I find awesome deals at Costco and other times there is nothing. Congrats on the gucci's!
  5. I have had a couple of people PM me asking me the costco item#. It is 986668. I hope this helps anyone on their search finding them at their local Costco.
  6. Hmm. I guess I might have to take a dertour on the way home tonight.
  7. My Costco (Henderson, Nevada) didn't have any. :sad:
  8. I have had a few people ask what style they are. Only one pair had a Habitual tag still attached.
    Style J05199Z2-VN
    Edge Jean
    Costco Item# 986668