Habitual jeans @ Costco CHEAP!!!!!!

  1. I was just at the Costco in Burbank CA and they had 3 large piles of Hibitual jeans in all sizes from 27 to 32. I have never bought them before. (I usually buy 7's for mankind or Joe's). I knew they were expensive jeans so I bought one pair. The sign said $30.00. I was not really paying attention to when I was being rung up (my bad). I got home and tried them on. They were just a little snug. I went on line to Nordstrum's just to see how much they were. They run between $175-$225. I decided for $30.00 I needed to go back and get one size bigger (perfect fit). Well I ended up getting more than a few pairs (5 total). I got up to the check out. They rang up at $40.00 (still a great deal) I said the sign said $30.00. I went and got sign and there was no problem. They even gave me back $10.00 from the pair I bought a few hours earlier. Got to LOVE Costco. Then onmy way home I had to stop at Gucci and I just "had" to buy 2 new purses.:wlae: :yahoo:
  2. OMG! What a score...are you going back anytime soon? Costco in Canada NEVER has premium denim.

  3. No, I'm sorry I can't make it back there until at least next weekend. I went there twice today. During the week it is about a 45 minute drive each way. Los Angeles traffic sucks!!!! What size do you wear and if I am there next weekend and they still have them I can pick you up a pair and send them to you. One thing I did notice no one was even paying any attention to them. More people were looking at the Calvin Kleins and the Levi's that they always have.
  4. pm'd you.
  5. Rather than start a new thread, I thought I would just share here that the BJ's Club in Jersey City has Blue Cult jeans for $20. The sign says that they have sizes 25-32 but I saw mostly sizes 29-31. I did dig around a bit and find a 26 for myself the second time that I was there so they must be constantly replenishing the pile.
  6. Hi Jillian! I'm in NJ too, there is a BJ's in Linden which is not to far from me. Do you know if you have to be a member to purchase? Can you please tell me what style number the jeans are. Thank you
  7. I have had a couple of people PM me asking me the costco item#. It is 986668. I hope this helps anyone on their search at their local Costco.
  8. You definitely have to be a member to purchase. Membership is $45 per year now, I think. I will try to look up the style number when I get home today but I remember that the tag was really beat up looking so it may be hard to tell. I will do my best!
  9. I have had a few people ask what style they are. Only one pair had a Habitual tag still attached.
    Style J05199Z2-VN
    Edge Jean
    Costco Item# 986668
  10. i went to check out my local costco and NOTHING :crybaby: all they had were some gloria vanderbelt and calvin klein jeans