Habitual Denim

  1. Hey everyone,
    I did a search on these and didn't find too much info...
    What do you think of Habitual jeans? I'm thinking of getting a pair and I'd like to hear some opinions. Also, I need some help with sizing, so if anyone could speak to that, it'd be great. Thanks a lot in advance!
  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!! I have three pairs and they are awesome. I bought them at Barney's Co-op, and I believe they have them on their website. You can also get them on revolveclothing.com.

    The ones that I have are a skinny/straight style, and they are really great. The only problem that I experienced was that they DO stretch a little. I usually wear a 6 in pants, and I have my Habituals in 28's. At first they were so tight I could barely button them, but now they are just slightly slightly loose, but still good. I love the design on the back pocket :heart:
  3. I love them! I have 4 pairs of them and I still want more haha. I ordered mine from Shopbop.com and revolve clothing because they had the best selection.
    I agree that they do stretch out, but some of the different styles and cuts are made differently. I wear a 24 and one of my pairs is now too big for me to wear--it stretched that much. But the others still fit fine. I would suggest trying them on at Barney's or another store to see how they fit you!
  4. i have a pair of the glorys and they do run big. i sized down and they still stretched out more than i would have liked.
  5. i have had two pairs for the past four years (when i was fanatical about premium denim), and while i do like them, i especially love their trouser styles, which don't fit me at all. they're made for girls with very straight hips.

    other than that, their washes/quality are fantastic! very discreet and hip...not despo like many of the other premium denim labels.
  6. I have a pair of Glorys and I didn't find them to stretch that much. I wish they did - they are so tight that I start getting cramps when I wear them all day! I'd probably say they fit true to size or a half size large, in my opinion. But like the others say, try a few on at the stores and find your right size.
  7. I love Habitual Denim: they are high quality jeans with clean, versatile washes. Plus, I love the maltese cross on the back pockets. Like others have mentioned, depending on the style, they will either run true to size (skinny/straight) or half a size larger (bootcut/glory). Try them on first if you can. And when you know your size, check out Shop Tobi (formerly Azalea) for some great deals on Habitual Denim.
  8. I have a pair of skinny glory and I love them. The maltese cross makes your butt look good lol. I found them true to size too.
  9. I have a straight-leg (not quite skinny jeans) pair in a dark wash, and I LOVE them! I do echo previous comments about the stretching, though. By the end of the day, they get a bit baggy.
  10. I just bought a pair of these jeans a few weeks ago and got it back from the alterations. Im acutally wearing the jeans to work today and they feel great. I bought mine at the Saks Off 5th outlet for 53.00.
  11. :yes: ITA. I have a pair of standard Glory's which I love (I wear a 24, and they are true to size, IMO). Also, I just got a pair of the trouser-cut pants, and they are lovely! Better for slim hips, though. They're even a little snug on me...
  12. I snagged a few (cough) pairs at the Blowout sale on Hautelook today, but I guesstimated the sizing. After having read this thread on stretching, I fear that I should have chosen smaller sizes! Do these jeans stretch over time, or do they simply stretch in between washes after a full day's wear? Will they permanently shrink if you toss them into the dryer? :confused1:
  13. habituals are great! i have 3 pairs and i used to wear my first pair almost all the time, its still in good condition like the denim quality is good. the sizing is pretty true as well! hope this helps!
  14. My Glorys stretch after a day (should've sized down), but they resume their shape after I wash and air dry them. You shouldn't put your jeans in the dryer because the heat will wear down they lycra and cause your jeans to stretch out permanently!
  15. I just bought a pair of skinny standard glorys, and I've got some serious muffin topping going on with them haha. I've been wearing them around the house trying to stretch them out. I did buy my regular size though-there's no WAY I could have fit into a smaller size.

    I agree with whoever said they're made to be slim in the hips. I have quite wide hips, and right now the jeans fit quite tight in the legs (I like my jeans quite tight, so the fit is fine) however on the hips/waist they are TIGHT. I probably shouldn't have put them on after a big dinner either :p