HAAY GURLS..im new ..wanted to say HII

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  1. Heyyy fellow GUCCI GURLS!!
    I cant believe Im just finding out about this WONDERFUL forum :biggrin:

    Im still trying to figure things out. I've been to the deals/outlet thread, Im suuper siked about all the pics and SA's that will ship the bags out to me?? Is that correct? I think Im still in total SHOCK?! so how does that work..has anyone purchased any bags via an SA shipping them from the outlets.

    Anyway just wanted to say hello to everyone!!
  2. thanks a billion!!
  3. Hello and welcome to TPF, especially the Gucci forum! You'll find that the members that poost on the Gucci forum are very friendly, helpful, and quite knowledgeable :tpfrox:

    I typically shop at my local Gucci boutiques as well as the Gucci outlet in Vacaville, CA. I've also had items shipped to me from the Gucci outlets in Cabazon, CA and San Marcos, TX. I've never had issues when having my items directly shipped from any of the outlets and the SAs have always been very nice and helpful as well.
  4. welcome to tpf!!
  5. Welcome Deedee! You're gonna love it here.. if you don't already have a shopping problem, you soon will! lol.. it's hard to resist shopping after looking at everyone's finds.

    I don't think I've ever ordered from any of the Gucci outlets over the phone, I've only bought stuff from the website or the boutiques but I've never had issues. I've been to the San Marcos outlet and met Marissa and she's a doll!

    As love2shop_26 said, please do look over the rules, and most of all, please refrain from the temptation to chatter in the deals/outlet thread, as many of us find it very annoying to look on there (since we are subscribers) and see stuff other than news about a deal.

    Welcome again! Have fun!
  6. Welcome DeeDee -this is an awesome subforum! I buy things all the time from the Vacaville outlet - in person and via phone - sometimes I have them shipped - it works out great!!
  7. :welcome2:
  8. Welcome to tPF and the Gucci subforum! You'll love it here!
  9. Hi. Welcome to TPF!!
  10. Welcome!