HA! victory is mine.

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  1. i was just awarded my payment back from a fraud seller who not only sold me the most laughable counterfit marc jacobs bag on the planet, but steals other sellers pictures to sell her bags. ont only in my auction, but in other auctions as well. :sick:
  2. Good for you, I bet that feels good!
  3. That is great! I am glad you got your money back!
  4. it really does, because she certainly tried to assume i was stupid. and either she was the most naive, stupid seller on the planet, or the most dishonest, because a 3 year old could tell this was counterfit. and once i noticed she was stealing other seller's pictures for ALL her auctions, that's when i really lost it.
  5. I'm so glad you got your $$ back. Hope that seller gets banned from ebay.
  6. seems like they'll let anyone on there. because not only did i report her for the bag, and the use of other people's pictures, but one of the sellers she stole pictures from reported her, and she's still there.
  7. Great job Organic !!
  8. Don't forget to add her name to the bad Ebay sellers list in Seller Watch. You'll be helping us all out a lot.
  9. That's great! Not much justice in the world today so it's great when things like ths happen for you! Congrats!
  10. Yeah, great job Organic!!
  11. thanks guys. and i added her to the list.
  12. great news! what did you have to do to get your $ back?
  13. Good for you! I'm sure you fought hard for it too!
  14. well, i filed with paypal, and sent the bag back with a tracking number, i didnt trust her to refund my money just sending her the bag. but i was fully prepared to file with my cc co, and with further research, i found out that sending counterfit bags through the usps constitues mail fraud, and since it crosses state lines, is a federal crime. i had links to report it to both the post office and the fbi internet fraud department. thankfully it didnt come to that.
  15. thanks! good to know! :biggrin: