1. I was planning on purchasing the leather cleaner for my Soho and I dug the care card out to find it's considered "hand burnished" and should only use the moisturizer.

    Upon telling my husband this, he says "geez, this Coach thing; it's like a RELIGION! And I bet you wanna be High Priestess someday".

    Hee...just a funny for the morning :p If you think about it, it sort of is!
  2. my DH always asks me if I'm taking over the Coach world when he sees me posting on here! haha!
  3. We can be evil Coach overlords! Or is it underlords? Ha...so much for me taking over the world...I don't have the proper terminology!
  4. We should come up with the 10 Coach Commandments.
  5. teehee we so should!!

    I was at the outlets in vegas with friends and they said the mothership was calling me home when we passed the coach outlet. :p
  6. YES! I will get us started...

    1. Thou shall have no fake bags.

    2. Thou shall covet thy neighbor's Coach bag and go get one before they sell out.
  7. Hmmm, I always imagined myself Queen of Coachalot, a magical kingdom where my loving subjects make lovely handbags and accessories to please my every mood! :queen:
  8. Oh my GAWD, at work yesterday I received a POS order (I'm in retail marketing) from a store in Albertsville Mn. Of course I couldn't be happy that I was filling their order, I was just ecstatic it was coming from the closest Coach outlet town to me! LOL
  9. ummm urrr uhhhh, can i be ur princess? hehe u can spoil me ;) hahahaha
  10. LOL! Can I be ... something where I get all the handbags and accessories too? Lol...:yes:
  11. :roflmfao: I love it!! I'll play too:

    3. Thou shall treat all Coach bags with the love, care and respect that they deserve.

    4. If thou lovest a bag, thou shall purchase it in every available color and with all available matching accessories.
  12. 5. If a member of the Coach sisterhood needs enabling, thou shall post and encourage her to purchase.
  13. Yes! Yes! You can all be my Ladies In Waiting for New Coach and you will all receive whatever your hearts desire. Isn't this just the best kingdom ever??:dothewave:
  14. Yes, YES...keep them coming!

    6. Thou shall post pics of all products purchased and pics of all catalog previews for thy Coach sisterhood.
  15. From my SA (although I don't know if I agree COMPLETELY), maybe it can be # 6.5....

    6.5: Thou shalt not mix black and brown signature, "but a punch of color is nice".