ha ha ha

  1. that is one of the least attractive looking bags I have ever seen. :sick:
  2. Oh barf.
  3. All I can is say is that it is $795!
  4. Oh, not good. Not good at all.
  5. So ugly- and so expensive for such an ugly copied bag from an unknown designer!
  6. i bet everyone a million dollars that this bag will never be sold...
  7. It looks like my grandmother's curtains.
  8. I try to picture the process that generated this...this...whatever it is, but it makes my head hurt! :sick:
  9. omg..who would actually "even" spend $795 on THAT!
  10. ick. :sick:
  11. oh my...are they trying to disgrace Hermes?
  12. It's pretty gross...
  13. oh Lord.....what IS it?
  14. Look at this mutant clone :blink: :sick: :blink: