Ha Ha almost got AXED from the RED JUMBO waiting list

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  1. Thanks to you ladies who have received their red classice flaps, I have become overly obsessed. I have called the Neimans Chanel Boutique inquiring about the bag and where I am on the waitlist.. I am so neurotic that each time I call I have them verify the size,price and color of the bag.. LOL My SA told me today that if I called one more time, she was going to get her eraser and starting rubbing AWAY.. I have been calling since last week..She told me just be ready when she calls, and I was like dont worry, soon as I see the number on the caller ID I am packing up, since I dont do the credit card thing anymore- everything is always cash However she did tell me that it would be about 2 more weeks. Oh yeah she guaranteed me the price of 1850 for the jumbo in lambskin- Neimans did not get caviar as she thought when she first put me on the waitlist..I know this is another THREAD about this DARN bag (sorry mods) but I had to share that story with you guys. Just can not wait to get my hands on that bag..cause after that I am done for a while. Got to slow down on the purchases.. Buying new house !!!:nuts::nuts::nuts::graucho::heart:
  2. Too funny!

    I am on the waitlist for a red jumbo at my Neiman's as well and I haven't received a call yet. But I was sure I was told that Neiman's only ordered the caviar and not lambskin.:shrugs: I guess I'll find out soon.
  3. Hi, we are talking about the red jumbo lambskin flap with the new strap, right? Cos if so, I can't believe it's just 1850 in US and almost 2500US$ in Singapore?:wtf:
  4. you're so funny, addisonshopper! your persistence will definitely pay off!
  5. Oh no, I cant believe she said she would erase you! Dont they understand how hard it is to be patient when it's chanel bags we are talking about!!!

    Hope you get yours soon!

    Btw, is Saks getting the red Jumbo? or is it just Neimans?
  6. i also heard that NM only has caviar, not lambskin for the red jumbo. Im on the waitlist myself and was told it won't be shipped for another 2-4 weeks.
  7. I am also waitlisted at a few neimans and was told NM didnt order the lambskin at all, only caviar in jumbo.
  8. ha, ha, its good ur SA has a sense of humor about it.

    I wish the stores & 800 # would get their info straight! Its frustrating. I just bought the red lambskin medium from nordstrom b/c i was told by several NM that they did NOT order Jumbo red in lambskin only caviar. And the 800 # didnt even have any record of the Jumbo in lambskin being released for s/s 07 at all.

    I wish there was a central "buyer" I could speak to for NM that could relay the "buy" for all NM.
  9. Ahh, great story... Thanks for sharing. I also tend to be persistent if I really want something I love.
  10. This is exactly the same info I've received. No lambskin jumbo's ordered by anyone.:crybaby:
  11. I got mine medium lambskin for $1850 from Bergdorf Goodman. So the jumbo is the same price too?

    Hope you get your soon. You'll love it.

  12. I know.. just don't understand why department stores can't get the price right! My friend called NM as well and they told her that they are getting the Caviar in Jumbo only. How could that be happening? Jumbo and Medium same price? :weird: Will find out soon I guess :yes:
  13. Well Caviar is historically less expensive than Lambskin. However, I confirmed with Saks that the Jumbo Caviar was going to retail for $2,250. Guess we'll just have to wait until people start getting their jumbo bags.:yes:
  14. Why do some people are still getting medium flap for $1850? Hasn't the price increased to $1995?
  15. that's a funny story. i hope you get called soon.