Ha. Converted DH to House.

  1. Any other fans out there?

    I've been watching this show forever, but my husband never liked it for some reason. But then I bought the season one DVD and watched a lot of old episodes over the holidays (I didn't start watching until the very end of season one, so I had never seen the rest of it) and lo and behold, DH could not resist joining me once he saw how good it is.

    Now he just asked me to WAIT to watch the new episode tonight until he comes home from his hockey game!! :wlae:
  2. House is so mean and sarcastic.... but i love him :biggrin: :love: :wlae:
  3. My DH actually got me addicted to House. This is one of our favorite shows, he is just so mean...but I like him!:yes: I can't wait for the new episode tonight!
  4. I loooooove House! My favorite show on tv, even though they slumped a little with his police wrangling this season. Hugh Laurie is amazing!
  5. House is definitely one of my favs! My Tuesdays are dedicated to him :heart:
  6. House is probably my favorite show at the moment.....I love it!
  7. He's mean, but rarely does something that's untrue come out of his mouth. I love this show. I'll even watch re-runs sometimes.
  8. I don't watch it, but my mom does and I am not allowed to call her when it is on. I think Hugh Laurie is an amazing actor, I've seen his work in several movies and he is excellent.
  9. I love this show..BUT I have to say it drives PHH crazy to see a pill addicted doc working on patients..LOL....Phh is a doc and he thinks it sets a bad example.Personally-I think its one of the best shows on TV