Ha...!!! Back At Ya Ppl...!!!

  1. so... after YEARS of watching and drooling over all Y'ALL's LVs....
    here's my FIRST FIRST FIRST very own LV that i bought myself....!!! (chosen by y'all...!!) :p

    and sweet sweet revenge :devil:... GUESS WHAT IT IS....!??!?! MUAHAHAHAHAH...!!
  2. Congrats!!!! what is it??? sorry I've been so out of the loop..
  3. as i was saying... i was deciding between a Balenciaga twiggy on eBay or this... and was deciding whether to get it 2nd hand or get one at the boutique.. so thanks to you guys, i got the whole boutique experience. :love:

    so here ya go...!! my first pride and joy...!!! :nuts:

  4. nyah nyah...!! not telling..!! :devil:
  5. DSC01436rsz.jpg
  6. A speedy??
  7. Nice Uggs? lol
  8. This is so CRUEL! Tell us! :noggin:
  9. WHEW! That's a taall box! SHOW US!!!!
  10. DSC01437rsz.jpg

  11. imagine louis vuitton monogram uggs!!! :nuts: imagine MC ones..!! :yahoo:
  12. Aha i bet one of us will see someone one day wearing some....:ninja:
  13. What is it?!?!?! :nuts:
  14. :beach:
  15. It's a shawl!!!!!!