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  1. omg nichole aka snookie is awesome!!! she's such a sweetie :amuse: when that guy said that he's no longer a hater and nichole said "wohoo", she should have also said "partyy, take the beer's out!" :wlae: and then "joke joke!" :biggrin:
    best first episode ever :biggrin: anyone else a fan starting from this first episode?
  2. The bachelor girl was kind of annoying. No rose for her
  3. I checked out the bit with Snooki, and I really liked how genuine she was. You rarely get to see that side of her on Jersey Shore (probably because it doesn't make for good TV :P). She had pretty insightful things to say, especially that comment she made about how even if she walked into the room naked she'd still be a good person, said in response to the guy's mom who said she was setting a bad example by dressing so provocatively.

    It was great to see her win over the guy & his whole family (walking into a house with a bunch of middle-aged people...awkward!).
  4. I agree. Jersey Shore is my guilty pleasure (it started when I went on mat leave). She did seem genuine. Jake, on the other hand, still seemed the same...fake. Why did he even take her to the bachelor's mansion??? How would that show the REAL him?? The h8r even said that she knew that about him. And the flying part was cheesy, like an adult giving candy to a child.

    I really want to watch the Kim K and Maks episodes. I heart Maks.
  5. The snooki episode was a good one.

    I thought the Jake one, well the girl was just trying to hard to be a b.i.t.c.h - like give it up. I remember her saying "oh I heard hes a douche" and her reference was peoples magazine or google or somesh*t. Puh-LEASE....I had to change the channel in the first half of this episode....
  6. I saw the Jake episode, and that girl seemed like suuuuuch a dumb witch. "I read it on like Google." I mean, seriously? You can read ANYTHING you want on Google.
  7. So I saw a part of this show for the first time yesterday and Scott Disick was on it. I still think that he is the "ultimate douche."