H2Pro Flat Iron?

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  1. I bought the Presto 1.25" and it arrives TOMORROW! I can't wait- does anyone have this bad boy? If so, please share your thoughts! Anyone else in love with their flat iron?

    My stylist used this on my hair last month and I swear I never wanted to wash my hair again- it was so pretty and silky. It looked like I was a mermaid, emerging from water lol! My hair is damaged so it never looks that nice normally, I can't wait to have pretty hair again! I promised myself I'd only flat iron 2x a week so it doesn't slow down my hair's recovery to much. Wish me luck!

    Can't wait to hear about your flat iron experiences!
  2. Bump...

    Anyone love the flat iron life? I've been rocking the damaged, curly hair so long now that I can't wait to sleek it out. How do you style your flat ironed hair? Anyone?

    Lol, I'm like a kid waiting for Santa Claus, only it's the Amazon UPS driver I can't wait to see!!
  3. It came in the mail today!!! I had let my hair dry natural last night (curly and a bit... ok a lot frizzy) so the first test was how well it could tame my medusa mane!! Verdict - I'm haaaapy! I played it safe heat-wise, using 370 instead of the max 450 degrees and I only did one pass on most strands of my hair. My hair looks shiny and healthy. Can't WAIT to flat iron it after blowing it straight first next time! No snagging, no weird crease marks where the hair is kinda straight but kinda funky... just real nice.

    I'll repost my results when I use it properly (like on blow-dried straight hair!).
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    Ooh - Day 2 with my H2!! Yesterday, I tested the H2 on my "natural" (curly and frizzy) hair and I was quite impressed. Today after my workout, I showered up to test the H2 on blow-dried hair. I used my $36 Goody blow-dryer (a cheapie but a goodie) for literally 5 minutes til my hair was mostly dry. After making dinner (and standing over a steaming hot pot for about 10 minutes - BEWARE THE FRIZZ MONSTER!!!! eeek!), I finally got to my H2.

    The results? Simply gorgeous! My hair is noticeably healthier and shinier, much more so than yesterday on my natural hair. I only used product during my blow-drying (Kiehl's Silk Groom Creme), nothing on my dry hair before flat-ironing. I'm baaaaad, I'll need to order a heat protector asap!!

    I'm going to keep posting to this thread as a journal for myself and in case it helps anyone else. I'd love, love, LOVE some tips on how to best use a flat iron, what products you use, etc. My first big kick will be to learn how to really use this thing! I know for a fact I'm not using this H2 efficiently, so I'll have to YouTube some videos for techniques. For those of you looking in on my thread, any ideas?

    Thanks for any ideas you can share!! :smile: