H you are not ready for

  1. hi ladies,

    just wondering, are there any H items you are not ready for, emotionally/mentally speaking? Not financially, i just mean maybe you feel your age is stopping you from having something (either that item makes you feel too old/young or you feel a certain social status must be achieved before you get said item), or perhaps, characteristics of a particular bag don't suit your personality?

    I am by no means suggesting that you don't have the right to own what you want, I just know for me, no matter how hard i try i would never look as polished or as elegant as other women, therefore feel that I could never carry off a kelly or a constance.
    Ofcourse, these are all pre-conceived notions as I've never actually held a kelly or a constance! :s Though maybe I just have to reach the age or indeed the maturity to not be bothered by other's perceptions, and therefore take more risks with my style and choices..just a thought.......i know i'm babbling:shrugs:
  2. That is a good question actually. I don´t think I´m ready for exotics.
  3. i can not pull off any casual bag (think massai, lindy etc) no matter how much i like those it just looks rediculous beyond belief :push: [​IMG]
  4. Yeah, it's a good question. I used to think this about the Birkin, that I'd have to be earning x amount of money to be worthy of carrying one. The thing was, I didn't really know what that "x" amount was, only that I wasn't earning it then. I also believed that I would have to be a certain age, that under 35 was too young for me to have one.

    Same as Nola, I'm not ready for exotics yet either. Maybe never.
  5. Croc Kelly. I feel too young. Just my opinion.
  6. i tend to agree about the exotics, though its not so much about the age, as it is about confidence. I dream to be able to carry one with such aplomb, but the reality would be jarring to say the least, pairing it with the tracksuit pants that i wear daily!!! I hope to one day be in a financial position to own one, but along with that, i better have the confidence to carry it, ala, linda fiorentino (without the walking-sex part!) and the ef off look on my forehead!
  7. I could do lizard, and have ordered a croc, but I'm wondering what comes after croc, you know?
  8. prob the croc trench coat...
  9. more croc

    actually your question reminds of the phrase "what comes after H?" and what do we answer "more H" so it is only the natural evolution
  10. ain´t these pieces awesome?
  11. PERFECT!:yes:
  12. I'm definitely not ready for a croc birkin!!
  13. i want the see that trench irl. and prob embarass myself drooling over it, though prob wouldn't get that close as i'd be slapped before that happened!
  14. mhmm actually i read that quite often in the forums that a lot of people are no ready for croc. that keeps me wondering why. please do not take this offensive but what do you mean by that? maybe i am the one doing things wrong but i see no problem with croc at all. but maybe i am out of line and i am the one looking rediculous (unlikely but :lol:) when using croc like any other normal leather bag(even paired with black cargo pants and a white tank when going to the gym/spa etc). so what is it mhmm.
    and again please this not meant to offend in any way if it does i excuse myself for asking :flowers:
  15. ^Here's just my 2cts:
    Most people view croc as something for older women, because it is the demographic group who have the $$$ to dole out for an expensive bag/accessories because they have worked for some time and have saved the money or whatever the reason it may be. Correct me if I'm wrong but croc accessories really made it's big appearance around the 30's and it became a must have for the [FONT=Arial, Arial, Helvetica][FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica]cognoscenti who have adapted it for country and informal town wear, so frankly, croc is very appropriate for young ladies as well.