H Wedding gifts!

  1. I only joined a few days ago, but have already spent several hours on this forum (mostly here on H) and have enjoyed every minute of it!

    Aside from purses, scarves and accessories, I thought I'd share a few photos of these, which I received as a wedding gift from my friend in Tokyo. It was a pleasant surprise, as whenever I see an orange box I think it's going to be a present for either the girl or the guy, but this was for both of us. After all, it is a wedding gift!
    DSC02894.JPG DSC02897.JPG DSC02900.JPG DSC02898.JPG DSC02899.JPG
  2. How beautiful!!!!
    I love Hermes china :smile: Congratulations on your marriage!!!!! I just celebrated 6 months!
  3. Congratulations!
  4. So beautiful Congrats :love::girlsigh:
  5. Welcome and congrats on your wedding! I still remember mine clearly though it's almost 4 years soon. Love the china.

  6. Appleringo ~ Congratulations!!!!! Such A Fabulous Gift!!! So Glad You Are Here!!!:yes:
  7. Congratulations on your marriage :heart: enjoy that beautiful china over the years!
  8. Congrats on your upcoming nuptials Appleringo and welcome to the forum! May your marriage be full of joy!
  9. Appleringo, Welcome to the forum! :smile:
    Congrats on your H wedding present
    and upcoming wedding. :smile:

    and as a Beatles fan myself, I love your user name. :smile:
  10. Whoa!! What totally fabulous gifts they are. What a thoughtful friend indeed!!!
  11. Wow... what a fabulous gift from a fabulous friend!! I hope there are more orange boxes to open after your wedding. Congrats. I love H China...

  12. What beautiful gifts!! And I love your pattern! I have a new sterling chain in that motif! :love:
  13. Congratulations and Welcome AppleRingo!

    I love your Chaine D'Ancre china, it's sublime! :nuts:

    Going on 12 years here...and it passes quickly, so enjoy and cherish every day with your beloved! :love:
  14. What wonderful gifts from your friend!

    Best wishes for you & your husband!
  15. Are those rabbit blankets? There was a large rabbit blanket with suede lining for sale at my local H store. The price tag was $31,000!