H watch w/ ostrich strap~

  1. Hi all, I'm completely new to Hermes, and I want to start off with something simple like the cute H watch! I saw this in magazines and started searching online and came across some with ostrich bands that I looove..

    Can you help me all? I hardly know a thing about Hermes.. In fact, I'm afraid to, after checking out the reference library, I know it's a quite the expensive addiction :graucho:

    So, are there "customizable" types of watches to get? Such as the dial color, design (I saw some plain, some with lines), and choosing a strap? I particularly like cognac ostrich.

    How does one go about getting a Hermes watch? Is it as difficult as getting, say, a Birkin? I doubt it, but I'm not sure so I'll ask the experts!! Also, I don't live by any H stores... are they the only authorized places to get products?

    Also, does anybody have an estimate price range for the H watch?

    Thanks so much in advance!! I look forward to sneaking into this forum from now on.... ;)
  2. Hi and welcome! Watches are very easy to get and are at every boutique. They also sell them at Tourneau. The watch you're talking about with an ostrich strap would be around $2k. Called the H-Our.
  3. Thanks for the info!!!! Really appreciate it~!