H watch, need your opinion!

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  1. Dear lovely TPFers! :smile:

    I'm currently looking for a watch, I'm particularly eyeing the Heure H.
    I did a quick search here from older threads to see everyone's opinion regarding H watches.

    It seems that there's a division, some love their H watches, but some reasoned that since H is well known for leather work and silk, so go for a watch from other brands that have long been known for their exquisite watchwork instead. I've also read on here that H watch does not hold is value as well as other brands?

    As the above opinions are from a while ago, and H has continued to develop, I would like your ideas and experience regarding your H watch (and if you could, compare it against your other watches):

    - Watch work: how is yours holding up over time, the hardware, crystal, mechanical, etc? Have you ever need to get it fixed?

    - Leather straps: How are your leather/ exotic straps holding up? Are they high maintenance?

    - Do you love your watch and its looks in general?

    Thank you!
  2. Hi, I love the several Hermes timepieces I own, including the double strap Cape Code (automatic), the Kelly watch, and two LEs: the Temps Suspendu (belonging to the DH) and the 1912. The straps I have found to be very durable, and both the exotics and leather versions improve with age. With regard to the movements, you may be aware that Hermes has recently acquired a watchmaker with a long tradition, and is likely to go into watch making in a big way in the future. In a nutshell, I think Hermes produces beautiful watches. Best of luck with your decision!
  3. I have a barenia clochette and love it because the cadena can go anywhere - sometimes instead of a regular padlock on my k's or hac's. Have even worn in as a necklace all by itself on a leather chord. Got this ages ago so the barenia has patina, no issues with the timekeeping, perfect as day one!

    H watches are beautiful - best of luck in deciding on the one :graucho:
  4. Thank you so much for your input! I think you have an amazing choice for watch! The Cape code have such a classic shape, the Kelly is very unique and the Temps Suspendu is such a whimsical design! I have never heard of the 1912 though - will definitely check it out! :smile:

    I was looking at the exotic straps (a gorgeous shiny braised, framboise, and noir) and they are so beautiful. I was concern of crackling the leather at the buckle over time, and possibly peeling of the shiny glaze, especially where I live in Aus has a hot and humid climate. It's certainly more settling to hear that yours have improve with age!
  5. That's amazing to hear Tubereuse! Barenia is such a beautiful leather, I'm sure your watch look gorgeous with the patina, such a classic! Thank you for sharing and hopefully I can do a reveal of some kind soon! ;)
  6. I have the Heure H watch, small size without diamonds. It originally came with an orange double strap but I immediately changed it to pink croc strap, this was back in maybe 2007 or 2008. To be honest I maybe wore it for 6 months or maybe a year and then put it away- not due to any fault of its own as I just preferred the watch straps to be hardware so that I didn't have to change my watch so much to go to the gym and horse riding , it is gorgeous and still looks new and I've recently started wearing it again. The strap looks new and the watch looks amazing. I am wondering also if I should get the bigger one with diamonds if available, kinda kicking myself for not getting the one with diamonds to begin with...they are so elegant. But most people are telling me its better to get a watch from the brands that are more known for their watches. I don't know, it's still a dilemma to me- as I would always get whatever I feel like getting at the time lol.

    To answer (some) of your questions, generally my leather straps are fine but I baby them pretty badly. When I'm just lounging around at home I don't wear a watch. And if I'm out and need to wash my hands or go to the restroom I'll always put my watch and jewellery in my purse before going so water won't cause discoloration and stuff.

    For a comparison, my regular watches have kinda been ceramic or silver/metal lately but all of a sudden I feel like wearing something small, delicate and feminine which is why I am going for my Heure H~
  7. Have a couple of Heure H and Medor watches. Main reason buying them for me is for their look, not value nor quality to be really blunt.
    If you're looking something that will retain its' value, I would not suggest an H watch. But if you want to buy it because you like it, then by all means.
    There's nothing wrong with H watches in terms of how they're holding up, hardware, function, etc. With all items, it'll depends on the wearer herself on how they treat the items. Leather pieces will always be more sensitive than the all metal ones, for example to water. Personally I wear more my all metal watches compare to H watches, especially during traveling so that I don't have to worry about them so much and it looks appropriate for all occasion somehow? Just my humble opinion.
  8. You have a wonderful kind of decision to be making...!
  9. I have th small h hour watch from literally the nineties. I have never ad a mechanical problem. I changed the blue jean Epsom strap to a violet croc strap 3 yrs ago. The strap is holding up but no longer super shiny. I don't think I would get another exotic trap. 1). Too expensive at $650+ for a strap....probably. Lot more now too! The is my fun watch btw. I just like it and often think about getting the bigger one, again for fun.

    Oh one more thing, I got this watch many moons ago....it was something like $500 usd. I hesitate now de to the higher price point but realize there re v few watches that I like in the same price point.

    I would go for the non diamond ones. If u get a diamond watch, opt or one from a specialist.
  10. Hermes watches today are highly esteemed and regarded as one of the finest watch-making houses with a long history for maintaining it's in-house craftsman and pricing. Today, you won't find Hermes watches being sold at watch departments anymore. Hence, this is why Hermes Independent Watch Boutiques have popped up over the years because of the issue with watch retailers giving discounts and lowering the value of Hermes watches.

    Hermes watches can always be repaired and sent back to any Hermes boutique and every Hermes boutique has their in-house watch specialists over in the main Hermes office. The leather straps are not high maintenance and this depends. If you choose ostrich, it'd have a tendency to darken, otherwise, the color shall remain as it is. In design-forms, Hermes has many variations of designs even for a one form of family and there are more and more new designs with tweaks done introduced and may not be published in Le Monde or internet. Only if you pop by Hermes boutiques, you'd then know that some of these designs are actually available.

    I've known a few watch aficionados who have been collecting watches for more than 10 years (they are all men btw) and they mentioned Hermes watches value can hold up its value well except not many are into them because Hermes watches are not publicized heavily. Hence, the value fluctuates and many generally term them as low in value. This also depends on the type of Hermes watch you are buying. If you are buying a watch like a Kelly Watch, the value will go down eventually. The ones remain in value are the ones with a higher price margin or produced in limited quantities.

    I do like Hermes watches except the design-wise are not eye-catching enough for me generally except for a few pieces which often comes with a big price tag.:faint:
  11. Speaking as a male watch collector, i find H watches a little too dainty for my tastes.

    One big advantage for H watches is that their straps are made with their own leather (and probably craftmanship) so you know what to expect.

    Honestly though, when it comes to watches, just buy what you like! And if you're worried about value, buy pre-owned!

    And lastly, don't forget the reveal!
  12. Hi IFFAH,

    Thanks for your patient opinion on H watches. I'm considering one too as I really love Hermes brand and it watches are not too flashy. I have the H-our watch in mind, definitely not Kelly watch (sorry to those who have one). I'm not sure if this design I'm considering is worth it.

    Friends were against me buying it, citing that other renowned watch makers are more worthy. I'm mixed! On one hand I agree with them, on the other I'm partial towards Hermes watches


  13. Hello HPoirot,

    I like and agree on that part which u said 'Honestly though, when it comes to watches, just buy what you like! And if you're worried about value, buy pre-owned!'

    Good point :tup:

  14. Hi Seedlessplum. I will agree many may be against in buying a Hermes watch because there's a lack of information available on them and many view them more as fashion accessories, rather than a form of investment. Generally, in the watch world, it's still hard to accept Hermes watch with high value and partly due also to a lower demand as compared to other brands. When there's demand, value will go up.

    I think if you like it, you may want to buy and for H-Hour itself, they have many different ranges with varying price points. I believe you're in SG and I'd suggest to pop by Hermes Watch Boutique @Paragon. There's a lady SA there by the name of Ping Pong (not sure how to spell). She's an expert on watches and very good on information such as the finer details and workmanship of Hermes watches incl. pricing-wise.

    I do adore Kelly Watches and they're quite fun to use with the kelly-watch dangling. Except, the value indeed will go down. To me, it's more as a fashion accessory.
  15. Thanks again IFFAH, u are always full of knowledge on Hermes :biggrin:

    Think I'm pretty much decided on getting an H-our watch as a dress watch. Had went down to Scott's yesterday to try out the sizes actually. The SA was indeed helpful in educating me with the different styles and ranges.

    But I'm a little cheapstake though! Won't be getting a brand new one from store, as I think the local boutiques prices are not justifiable :sweatdrop: