"H" Virgin no more!! (see pics)

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  1. Hi Everyone :heart:,

    I'm new to the H-forum, but have been a "lurker" here for a while. I am an active member of Chanel sub-forum though (some of you might already know me there :P).

    This is my very first "H" bag :shame:. I have bought some small leather accessories before though...I had this bag for like two weeks now but i still feel all giddy til now :nuts:!! i LOVE her sooo much!! Ok, please excuse this H newbie :shame:.

    Anyway, lets cut to the chase and go straight to pictures!!

  2. HEEEEY :graucho:;) A REVEAL!!!
    I'm tuning in!:couch::popcorn:
  3. Looking forward to it.
  4. Wow....just in time, how are u, sweetie!!!

    Can't wait for the live reveal, congrats!!~
  5. Wow can't wait to see!!
  6. striptease :sweatdrop:

  7. Oh, how gorgeous!
  8. Gorgeous! Just GORGEOUS! Congrats!
  9. ok, im really no good in doing a reveal :shame:. besides, im sure you guys already know what it is after the teaser pic #2 :P

    so here she is in all her glory...35cm Etoupe Clemence PHW Birkin :love:;

  10. Oh wow! A BIRKIN :woohoo::yahoo: thats what I call a great first reveal on H forum!

  11. She's beautiful...i love etoupe color and it's my HG bag...hehe

    Enjoy her!!~
  12. She is beautiful, congratulations!
  13. more close-up shots :cloud9:;





  14. one last pic :shame:;

  15. beautiful!! Congrats on your first H!!