H tote suggestions for rainy days???

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  1. :huh: :cry:
    Id love your opinions!!!!
    I need help finding an Hermes tote for the rain in the color of the burberry burgundy color in my raincoat lining.
    I am not a BB plaid person at all, but my simple hooded raincoat is a must for rainy days. I had the darndest trouble finding a teeny fold up umbrella without the plaid! My rainboots are neutral.
    Navy is my basic black. I am currently carrying a longchamp.
  2. What about the garden party in the rubber? Amazonia I think? Don't know if it comes in a color other than the greenish though...
  3. Arcangel, since you're coming to NYC, check out the Acapulco tote. Unfortunately it's in black, but it's nylon and may weather the rain better than their other bags.
  4. :yes: thanx shoes & hg, , i will check it out! tia once again to all!!
  5. wow..I never worry about these things...like rainy days...we get a ton of rain in summer...horrible downpours with thunder and lightening...I just never thought about my bag...I must be crazy!
  6. not crazy at all!!
    these skins saw plenty of rain before being crafted!!!
  7. That's so true!:roflmfao: