H Support Group "In Waiting": NO CHATTER/PICS ONLY

  1. OK I'll Start:

    Temo - Picotin

    photo borrowed from fleursetcarlines eBay listing
    (hope that is OK)
  2. Kelly_Birkin: Bolide


    Courtesy: Luxwear
  3. [​IMG]:heart::heart:

    30cm Brighton Blue

    Courtesy FancyDiamond
  4. <---- blue croc Kelly Longue
  5. raisin Lindy 30cm & graphite JPG Birkin! (ok or any combination of the two bags and colors, really).
  6. :yahoo:Temo!!!!!!:yahoo:

    Violet Croc Birkin 30 (Picture Courtesy Of nyfashionexpert):

  7. I Can't Find A Picture Of The Next (I Will Work On It):

    25 or 28 Braise Croc Kelly
  8. Brighton Blue ostrich HAC 40cm w/ GHW :upsidedown:
  9. I would love a 35/40cm Birkin in Black Togo with silver hardware
    but I am also falling in love with the Bolide 37cm I love big bags.
  10. Ok here goes in order of preference (or as I like to say to myself "In your dreams, Suzie") Photo credits. 1. Creatures Deluxe 2. Myampie 3. Loire Boutique
    Croc Kelly 28.jpg 28cm Ostrich.jpg 28 cms kelly.jpg
  11. amamxr, I love the Brighton Blue color!!
    I couldn't find a raisin Bolide on any reseller
  12. Black Chevre Kelly 28 or 32, PH
    I don't have a picture...but I see it clearly in my head!
  13. 28cm HAC in Toundra Boxcalf or any neutral color in chevre
    25 or 28cm Black boxcalf Kelly
    Picture of HAC in toundra box (size I can't remember) courtesy of peripod of tPF
  14. Black/Fjord/Palladium 30cm Birkin
    Potrion/Fjord/Palladium 30cm Birkin
  15. 30 Togo / Clemence Vert Anis