H Stores on French Riviera - Saint-Tropez, Cannes, Monte Carlo


Apr 8, 2007
Mimiiiii we are going to have a FANTASTIC time!!! :yahoo: All of the cities on my itinerary are my first visit. I have been to Paris three times already, but at that time i wasn't thinking about H at all, maybe because i'm too young and couldn't afford it (was a uni student LOL) I wish Paris is on my itinerary :sad:. This time i'll have my eyes open wider to spot any good stuff I can buy. Will fly from Singapore to Barcelona on Sunday night 2/9/07 and stay there for a night and fly the next day to Geneva (DH's meeting with others meanwhile wives get a free 2 day La Prairie spa and trip to Chopard and Patek Philippe museum :graucho:) I'll definitely run to H store and La Duree cafe over there :P Flying again on Thursday to Nice next Cannes next Marseille and will spend last days in Barcelona. Its gonna be funnnnnn, I'm cominggg!!! :wlae::wlae::wlae:

I think we gonna report back to this forum at the same time Mimi :P

Mai Britt

Oct 13, 2006
Malmö, Sweden
If you are able to go to Avignon then there is a GORGEUS dark chocolate or black (couldn't see) croc or alligator birkin in the store!! TO DIE FOR!!!

I hope you ladies have an amazing time, I absolutely love nice, cannes, monaco and paris.. if you need some more info, just pm me!!!!