H stores in Stuttgart, Baden Baden and Strasbourg

  1. I am planning a trip to the following cities in summer and would like to get some stuff (A bag other than a Birkin, accessories and scarves).

    Does anyone knows if the H stores in Stuttgart, Baden Baden and Strasbourg are well stocked?

    Oh, and will transit at the Paris CDG airport, is it big?

    Other tips are more than welcome:yes: ! Thanks!
  2. Peko,
    my parents go to Baden-Baden on a regular basis and as far as I know the cozy H Boutique they have down there is fairly well stocked.
    Also, H has got a large stock facility for Germany in BB, so they are able to change and renew their in-store stock on much more short terms than others.

    If you're looking for anything specific when you're coming to Germany, I could inquire about their stock before and see whether they have it...

    Neither have I been to the Stuttgart Boutique nor to the one in Strasbourg,
    but HTH anyways;)
  3. Thank you Tenshi1986 for your prompt response (or else I need serious reconsideration of my itinerary and have a sleepless night)!

    I am open for a Bolide, a Constance, a Kelly or any other bags. Just being afraid that I come home bag-less!
    Thank you so much for your kindness. I'll sure PM you if I need help.

    What about the store in Frankfurt? The reason to Stuttgart is that DH wants to visit the Mercedes and Porsche musuems. I am definitely not joining. Perhaps I can go to some other stores while he is enjoying himself. Any close by recommendation?
  4. You're very welcome, Peko...

    Baden-Baden is definitely where you wanna go, if you're looking for a nice shopping experience.
    I'm sure they'll have a pretty bag just waiting for you;)
  5. THANKS AGAIN:smile: !

    Do you know if they close on Saturdays and Sundays? or any other day of the week?
  6. ...they definitely do on Sundays.
    All shops are closed on sundays in Germany.

    They'll regularly be open six days a week, on saturdays till late afternoon.
  7. I live in Baden-Baden and can highly recommend the store. In only ever had pleasant SAs there. I recently saw a turquoise Constance in the shop window.
    The Stuttgart store opened just recently and is in a big department store called "Breuninger". There are Gucci and Dior boutiques in there, too and lots of other designer bags (Jimmy Choo, Marc Jacobs etc.) One store I can also recommend in Stuttgart is "Fischer". It's pretty close to "Breuninger". If you need any more recommendations for Baden-Baden (hotels, restaurants...) just pm me.
  8. Thanks Deelove82!
  9. my peko - non-H related., if you have time in Stuttgart, visit the mercedes factory :blush:
  10. Germany has well-stocked items..that's where I bought my Kelly and Birkin :smile:. I bought mine from Koln. Good luck and have a great trip!:wlae:Don't forget your VAT.. hehehehe
  11. The best hermes experience today in Strasbourg. Walked in with barely anything on display. Kindly asked SA's if there were any Kelly wallets in stock..said they'd check. I tried on 2 pairs of shoes (Kelly boots & another pair of loafers with Kelly lock on them) while waiting. To my surprise, they had a Kelly wallet in Etoupe PHW. Then bought the 2 pairs of shoes as well. Then asked to see if they had any smaller bags in the back...didn't think she'd come back with a BIRKIN 😍. In a beautiful pinkish colour (will need to check for the exact name) in 25 cm. Which is perfect ! The bigger ones are too heavy for me. Then I bought 2 more twillies to match the bag :smile: They were very kind and patient.
  12. You did well!! Will you post pics?!
  13. Hi, I'm going to visit baden baden for the 2nd time do you think that they still have the great stocks like last time? because the last time I visited about early this year the sales was rude and telling me that they only sells to locals. I'm really hoping that I could score a b or k there. Thank's !
  14. I visited Baden-Baden last week. I wasn't that impressed with the selection to be honest and getting a B or K if you are not a local or regular customer will be next to impossible unless you spend a fortune. Strasbourg is usually better in my opinion but it's the same there if you are looking for a B/K.
  15. 1. Baden-Baden -> Baden-Baden is a very wealthy city in Germany. The store itself is relatively small, but they have an incredible inventory there. Every now and then, they display Birkin's or Kelly's inside - but unless you're a local costumer there, you're chances of scoring any of those coveted bags are very slim.

    2. Stuttgart -> Not a huge fan of the pop-up boutique they have inside Breuninger. It's very small compared to the one in Baden-Baden. Stock is not usually great, Sales Assistant are not really accommodating in getting you what you want and don't even bother asking for a Birkin or a Kelly there; you'll get a straight 'NO'.

    3. Strasboug -> Never been there.

    I highly suggest you take a trip up to Frankfurt. They have the best Birkin and Kelly inventory in whole Germany. I've seen many times non-locals, being offered Birkin or Kellys.

    good luck!