H stores in NYC and NJ

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  1. I am headed to NYC next week with the DH and hope to visit the Wall St store, after hearing about all the wonderful inventory that passes through there. We will be staying in the Upper East Side, but I understand that the Madison store is not as well stocked as Wall St?

    Anyway, I would be very grateful for any NYC insider tips on both stores, as well as the one in NJ. I have never been to the NJ one (need to find a map to get there first!), but it seems to have nice things often as well.

    And if anyone would be generous enough to share their SAs names at any of these stores, the information would be much appreciated! Thanks! :flowers:
  2. Everyone at Wall St is extremely nice and approachable. Ask if Lisa or Fe Luis are there.
  3. Madison is nice to take a look but the action is in NJ and Wall Street. I think the NJ store is right over the GW Bridge.
  4. have never been to wall street.
    madison is beautiful but i don't work with anyone special there.
    nj is the riverside square mall in hackensack. i haven't been there since it first opened. worked with amy and she was really nice. sold me my lindy and found a clarisse gm for me.
    manhasset has a great selection of enamels.
    in spite of everything there is nothing like buying a bag from the store on madison, imo.
  5. If you only have time for 1 store, make the trip down to Wall Street. Madison is great to just walk in and take a look, but they never have anything...Riverside is good to,but a hike.
  6. Castorny is the man on the know! He speaks the truth! Go to Wall Street...better luck there than any where plus they are just really nice folks there!:tup:
  7. Love the SAs at Wall Street. Linda was so helpful arranging for my cotton sweater to be shipped to me in time for my trip to Austria.
    Wall Street is new so they try harder!
  8. I missed the Wall Street store when I was in NY ... I just ran out of time lol! But I find the SAs at the Madison Avenue store very friendly also. I wasn't looking for a Birkin and saw a HAC instead. I thought about it and then came back to ask if they had other colors. They brought out 2 more from the back for me to choose from.

    I think it just depends on what you're looking for at a specific time. But if you want a Birkin, probably Wall Street is a better option.
  9. Can't wait for your update, Roxane!
  10. me too!^^
  11. Just returned from visiting H at Madison, Wall St and Riverside Mall over the past week. My husband and I agree that after Paris, H shopping in NYC/NJ has got to be the best in terms of the variety and service!

    Unfortunately, this comes with the qualification that most of the SAs at Madison totally ignored us during the 3 times we went in (our hotel was just a block away), which we found terribly rude. If not for this one lady SA on our first visit there, and a lovely man on our subsequent visits, the Madison store would have been total write-off. In fact, there was this male SA who was sorting out paperwork on top of a case of wallets we were trying to peer into, and he did not even budge or move his paperwork aside, when we asked our lady SA to show us something from the case! :wtf:

    I know it has been said that there is nothing much to see at Madison, but we saw a beautiful violine ostrich Kelly, which I would have snapped up, if not for the fact I already have the same skin in a Birkin. There was also a 25 cm croc Birkin with diamonds in a light olive colour that was there over the course of the entire week. Also saw all styles of bags and wallets (lots of exotic) on display, including Kellys, HACs, and would have been shown Birkins from the back, if we had been interested. Although I did not make a major purchase there, I am terribly pleased with my violet Karo PM :girlsigh:, which I had been searching for a while.

    Wall St and Riverside Mall were very different in terms of customer service – we were pleasantly surprised by how friendly everyone was. I suspect part of the eagerness is because they are still new and trying to build up their clientele – in fact, at both locations, they took pains to point out to us how new they were! :P

    Alas, this time again, as during my Paris trip in Feb, apart from my violet Karo :heart:, I did not get the bags I was hoping for, mainly because most of the orders they had placed had already been received and sold. I coveted a white ostrich Kelly pochette in the window at Riverside Mall, but that was sold and awaiting pick-up, and was also told I had missed a rouge H croc Kelly pochette by 2 days! :hysteric:

    Anyway, we had fun visiting NYC and while my 10 days of shopping fit into only half our carry-on bag, my husband is very satisfied with his haul of 1 large suitcase of clothing (this is after sitting on top to close the lid, mind you), 7 pairs of shoes, plus several books! :lol:
  12. Good to hear that between you and your DH, you'd brought back a shopping loot!

    I have a violet chevre Karo MM and so I can understand how happy you must be to have found one in the same skin! :tup:

    The white ostrich KP was discussed in another thread. So, am not surprised it has been sold! :lol:Must be purchased by a tPFer here!

    Welcome back, and till your next shopping trip/update! It was fun reading your post. :flowers:
  13. roxane --what is it that you want?
  14. I'm concentrating on exotics (with the exception of raisin) for now, my HG being a 30 cm matt porosus croc Birkin in rouge H. Sometimes, I do see bags that are close to what I would like, e.g. I saw Kelly pochettes in matt black lizard while I was really hoping for shiny black lizard or croc, or wanting ostrich but finding croc, or finding croc but with diamonds, or simply wrong size, etc. – so I really have to weigh between waiting to find *the one* and settling for something close, or "upgrading" (with attendant "upgrade" of price tag) to a souped-up version of *the one*.

    There are also times when I may not have been interested in a particular colour/skin combination, only to have something in it catch the DH's attention and end up buying, but always with a tinge of reservation, only because I had not been ruminating about the item long enough, and not because I do not like it (the DH has fab taste and is more adventurous than me, fashion-wise). I know this comes across as weird, but at the price point of H exotics, I like to have time to think long and hard about style/colour/skin and not just buy on impulse – it makes me uncomfortable :shame:

    So, on this trip, only the violet Karo :heart: was *the one*, while the other things I picked up were not.
  15. interesting--i know what you mean. btw I have the karo in violet too and i love it!