H store jakarta HELP

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  1. Hi BenF! It's 1 per year if i'm not mistaken. So when can u get your b/k from Melbourne?
  2. Hmm my SA said 2 each year, well maybe the rules changed. Not now i guess, i prefer epsom and mostly they have clemence and togo so i asked my SA to inform me whenever they got shipment, and they offered me sac casaque when it first come out last year but not interested at all. The last epsom they got was a kelly soufre that they sold to singaporean socialite Jamie Chua, and a Rose jaipur B30
  3. Thanks MrsRance :smile:
  4. Is it just me or it seems like H Jakarta hasn't been receiving new stocks for a whileee ???
  5. Went in to look for some accesories, twillies, or scarf.but we feel ,that

    They are not imterested,in helping anyone

    The stock is bare buy have mo idea when it,will come
  6. they do have maxi twilly now in pacific place but not for sale yet, its soo wierd that people in singapore already have them but we still have to wait.. and many new stocks for scarf, I bought some yesterday :biggrin: plus leather garden party in etoupe, lucky me :biggrin:
  7. thanks for the update .. will contact my SA :smile:
    congrats on the garden party .. great bag
  8. Yes stocks so bare when I was there earlier on the week, no silks no maxi no shawls even and SAs looked so bored just sat around and chit chat while I browsed the store.
  9. major congrats!! lovely B :heart:

    May I know how much is B30 now in jakarta??
  10. Yes its a pretty B, but its not mine.. it belongs to my best friend also a TPFer here.. 😉

    H Indonesia just had a recent price increase.. So i honestly dont know how much it is now..
    But that SO B30 epsom crocus-blue lin i think was around 97 million rupiah.. Im guessing it should be around 5 to 10% more now..
  11. Thanks for the information! :smile: well slightly more expensive than some other places. do u think that it is possible to buy walk in now? or still the same like before??
  12. faye86[//b] no walk in. You have to be regular to get b/k even lindy
  13. #283 Apr 19, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2014

    OMG you have to be a regular at Jakarta H? Can somebody confirm this? :sad:

    I'd appreciate if someone can update this thread on Indonesia? How are the SAs? Whats the chance of me scoring a b/k ?

    What are the prices?

  14. No B or K for walk ins.
    MrsRance was right. You need to be a regular and need to spend a certain amount of money on other stuff. Last time i check it needs to be at least 13k usd. (Included l exceptional items like jewelleries, RTW, or tablewares.)

    H Jakarta price is not good now. We used to be cheaper compared to singapore. But since euro increased, the price of H Jakarta also increased.. By a lot! Sigh..

  15. I'm so disappointed :sad:
    Thank you for replying, appreciate it.